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5 Technology Business Sectors with Room for More Entrepreneurship

Posted: March 25, 2020 at 9:18 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

In this technology-driven age, tech skills can earn you lots of money. This is true whether the skills were learned from formal training or if you are self-taught. Individuals, small businesses, and corporations in many industries are interested in growth. You may hold the key to that growth in the form of technological expertise. Several technology-related business ideas allow tech-savvy entrepreneurs the opportunity to build new and successful companies.

How would you feel looking back in the next twenty years knowing that you did nothing to implement what could have been a wildly successful idea? With technology continuing to change at an accelerated rate, adaptability and the ability to help others makes for a powerful business foundation.

Ideas that involve selling your services eliminate the need for costly manufacturing equipment or inventory. These ideas are flexible enough to start with little upfront capital. For example, you can work within the autonomous technology sector as a consultant, or hire others to manage multiple jobs and clients. Check out our list of five other technology business ideas

Social Media Consulting

Social media is an exceptional marketing tool, especially for small businesses. In this field, it is important to possess a great understanding of each client’s business needs. If you are an expert with social media operations and enjoy helping others build their presence on social media, social media consulting is likely the perfect fit for you. Social media experts are in growing demand as social media continues to expand. Startup costs are low, and you do not need a storefront.

IT Support

Many small businesses are unable to afford in-house technical support. This means that outsourced IT support has the potential to be a very lucrative business. As an IT support consultant, you can offer network setup, service, maintenance, and data recovery and backup. Also, the services you provide can include security and mobile device management.

Web Design Consulting

Web design consultants design websites for a wide range of businesses. As a self-taught or trained web designer, you can pursue your dream of operating a fun and profitable web design business.

Internet Research Consultant

There is a wide range of information available online. If you are skilled at locating and validating online information, your skills are highly marketable. Internet research consulting could be a perfect technology business for you.

eBay Consulting

If you are an eBay pro and want to help others use the platform to successfully generate income, become an eBay consultant. An eBay consultant teaches new sellers and others about listing and search optimization to dramatically improve their eBay sales. Coaching ensures that clients see continual improvement.


Freelancing is a skill that you should learn no matter which business you pursue. Once you settle on the type of technology business you want to start, you can begin freelancing your services. Offering your services through online platforms such as Upwork will help you start getting clients. Freelancing is a fundamental skill that will greatly benefit your business from the onset. It can be compared to learning to drive or ride a bike. Once you know, you know and any time you encounter situations with cash flow, as many small businesses do, you’ll have what it takes to get clients quickly and turn things around.

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