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5 Supplies And Equipment You Need When Starting A Cannabis Growing Business

Posted: December 9, 2022 at 1:26 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The gradual legalization of cannabis products across different states has led to a boom in the cannabis industry. The potential to generate profit from this lucrative market has attracted both investors and entrepreneurs.  

Thus, if you’re one of the new business owners in commercial cannabis growing, you’ll need several important items to support your company operations and ensure your plants flourish. Whether you plan to run an indoor grow room or utilize an outdoor facility, there are industry-specific items you can use that cater to your business needs.  

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Here are five supplies and equipment you’ll need when starting a cannabis-growing business: 

  • Cannabis Trimming Machine

A trimming machine is an essential piece of equipment for trimming the buds of your cannabis harvest. They’re used by your employees to trim and then sort out the wet or dried buds. 

If you run a small-scale business with a limited yield and a few employees, you can opt for manual or basic electric trimmers. However, a large commercial business would benefit from automated trimming machines, such as the Mobius cannabis trimmer, for streamlining production time without losing the hand precision quality. 

  • Security System 

Potential crimes are a major concern and risk in the commercial cannabis industry. The threat of theft and criminal activity comes from outside forces and within your company. For this reason, cannabis businesses are legally obligated in many states to use security systems at growth facilities, during transit, and at dispensaries. 

The most effective security systems usually include a wide-angle video surveillance camera that captures real-time and high-resolution footage nonstop. In addition, surveillance cameras should be positioned at all points of entry and store footage up to the minimum number of days designated by each state. 

On top of this, your business should also invest in high-security storage for your cannabis products in a safe or vault.

  • Grow Lights 

If you run an indoor growing room, you’ll need the right lighting to grow your plants and produce a commercially profitable yield. Fortunately, there are various grow light options available to choose from. They mainly come in three categories:  

  • Fluorescent Lights: This is the most affordable option to produce a small commercial yield. 
  • HID Lights:  High-intensity discharge (HID) lights consume more electricity but generate a yield higher in quality and volume. 
  • LED Lights: Light-emitting diode (LED) lights work best for taller grow room layouts as they need adequate space between the lamps and the plants to function effectively. 

The type of lighting you install will depend on your growing room setup and how much the electrical rates or energy supply will cost your business.

  • Measuring Tools 

During the growing stages of your cannabis cultivation, you’ll need to continuously monitor and measure the components of your plant to ensure your yield is healthy. This can be done with the following measuring tools and devices:

  • Thermometer: You’ll need a thermometer to check the temperature and control your ventilation. This is to make sure the environment is suitable for plant growth.
  • A pH Meter: Your yield will greatly benefit from a pH meter so you can maintain the optimal pH balance for your cannabis plants. This ensures the plants absorb the nutrients from the soil and fertilizers. 
  • EC Meter: This device measures the electrical conductivity (EC) of fluids or the amount of salts present in your nutrient solution. 
  • Light Meter: By measuring the light distribution, this tool can help you determine the optimal height to position your light in relation to your plants. 

Other optional yet highly beneficial tools include Brix meters, fertilizer injectors, and hygrometers.  

  • Protective Equipment 

Your business should provide all employees handling cannabis plants with protective gear, depending on their specific role. This is because they’re exposed to biological, chemical, and physical hazards that could impact their health. These include pesticides, fertilizers, loud noises, confined spaces, prolonged outdoor sun and UV exposure, and poor air quality. 

Therefore, workers should be given protective clothing such as industry-standard coveralls, hairnets, shoe covers, aprons, and gloves. These protect both employees and your yield from contamination. 

All workers using chemical sprays will need eye and face protection, like respiratory protective equipment (RPE), to prevent inhaling harmful substances in the air. Hearing protectors should be provided to workers who operate loud machines such as compressors, conveyors, and automated processors. 

In summary, it’s essential to minimize hazards to ensure workplace safety


The supplies and equipment you’ll need when starting a cannabis-growing business support your operations and contribute to high-quality and profitable yield. You can utilize an advanced bud trimmer, grow lights, and measuring tools to help sustain your crop-growing efforts. 

To comply with legal requirements, your business should supply workers with protective gear and install security systems to keep your facility and cannabis assets safe. The equipment and supplies mentioned above can help you run a successful commercial cannabis-growing startup company.

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