5 Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Thinking about having plastic surgery, Turkey is among the first countries that come to mind. Just imagine, more than 750,000 esthetic procedures were performed there in 2019, as ISAPS reports. Turkey is included in the top 10 countries in the world regarding the number of operations done. The following aesthetic inquiries are the most popular: liposuction, breast augmentation, maxillofacial surgery.

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So, why is Turkey increasingly popular to have plastic surgery? Let’s consider the main benefits that Turkish clinics offer for their patients.

Reasonable Prices and Hot Deals

A price is a key factor that attracts thousands of people to have aesthetic plastic surgery in Turkey. The cost of procedures is cheaper 3-4 times than in the USA, some European countries, Canada, etc. For example, breast enlargement in Turkish clinics will cost you $3,800 on average. You will pay for the same procedure about $9,000 in the USA. So, even with travel charges, having an operation in Turkey remains more profitable.

High Quality of Procedures 

Turkey is developing its medical tourism field, as far as the local government is interested in additional income to the budget. Plastic surgery is among those branches that attract international patients and fills the budget. As a result, local clinics do their best to make patients satisfied. For a quite low price, cosmetic surgery is performed by experienced specialists to get a great result. To make sure that a doctor has enough experience, check the reviews about a plastic surgeon/ a clinic. You can find some patient feedback here.

Full Package of Services

One more fact, that distinguishes Turkey from other countries for plastic surgery, is the package price of the procedure offered almost by every local clinic. It means that the price you see for the procedure already includes airport pick up, services of an interpreter, accommodation. So, you do not need to pay extra money for a hotel or taxi. You just pay for the procedure and do not need to think much about arrangements. 

Internationally Recognized Clinics

Most Turkish clinics that are allowed to serve inbound patients have got approval from international organizations. The local medical centers work in accordance with international standards to provide excellent service. However, before booking a clinic for plastic surgery, make sure you entrust your health to professionals. First of all, find as much as possible info about a certain clinic, search for before-after photos of real patients. You can find verified reviews or get an inquiry regarding plastic surgery on this list of Turkish esthetic centers

Well-developed Infrastructure

One more point to choose Turkey for plastic surgery is its favorable location, a great number of airports, developed transport system, new hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc. All these points make the country comfortable for tourists that allows them to feel like at home. Moreover, a lot of local citizens speak English, so you won’t experience a language barrier. Those patients who want to combine plastic surgery with  the vacation will also find a lot of options in Turkey.

How to Arrange Your Makeover Fast and Safe?

People looking for plastic surgery overseas may find it difficult to arrange a medical trip by themselves find a clinic/doctor, make an appointment, be prepared properly for surgery. Most people are afraid to pick an improper clinic, lose money, experience uncomfortable situations in a foreign country, etc. 

If you are one of them and want to avoid all these issues, the best way for you is to appeal for help to medical tourism agencies. Bookimed is among the world’s leaders of medical tourism providers. Bookimed cooperates with 40+ plastic surgery clinics located in Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, etc. The Bookimed team will contact you to provide all info regarding a clinic, doctor, price for free. Together you conform to the best option and schedule the date of your arrival at the clinic. If you need, it is possible to arrange an online consultation with a doctor before your trip and surgery.

As you see, Turkey offers a wide range of benefits for patients who want to have plastic surgery procedures. You receive excellent quality and service at a reasonable price, provided by a reliable clinic and an experienced doctor.

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