5 MBA Essay Questions That Business Schools Love

Getting into business school is your dream? Then you definitely need to prepare for an application essay and an interview with the admission committee. But don’t worry, it isn’t so scary and stressful as it may sound. As it turns out, the questions you may be asked are pretty common, so we have singled out 5 questions that business schools just love. You’ll probably be asked a couple of these, so be sure to read them and think about what you would answer. As a bonus, we have prepared the tips on how to answer all these questions to impress the committee.

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Tell Me About Yourself

It is the worst question ever. As soon as anybody hears it, usually there’s a dead silence in their head. What to say and how to start? So here’s our advice. First and foremost, remember that they’ve already read your resume, so don’t start just retelling all the things that are there. Still, the second advice will be – begin with your name, position and your significant quality. Moreover, that’s just the perfect time to show your passion and justify why you’re perfect for the position. So don’t forget to use words like ambition, short-term and long-term goals, purpose, aspiration and progress.

Tell Me About a Situation That Illustrates Leadership. What Did You Learn From It?

This is the opportunity when you need to promote your leading “I” through “we” accomplishment. To put it differently, you need to show how your ability to lead helped to complete a collective goal. It shouldn’t necessarily be something at work, you can also recollect some venues at school and college. To answer logically and convincingly use the “STAR” approach. First, dwell upon a situation, then what approach you used to deal with it and finally talk about the results a team achieved.

How Would You Contribute to This School?

The committee wants to know what makes you stand out among other applicants. However, again it’s a tricky question. It’s essential to find balance in your answer by presenting yourself and showing the significance of “we” goals. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about your background, as well as your unique abilities. Be sure to use the words like diversity, enrich, talent, impact, develop, and enhance.

Tell Me About a Time When You Received Negative Feedback

Unfortunately, we’re living in the era of “hate”. For that reason it’s essential to develop a thick skin that will help you stay confident. Don’t try to hide your mistakes, or be ashamed of your flaws. Show how the negative feedback helped you become even better, and how you grew thanks to that experience. As a leader you need to take responsibility, and this an ideal question to show it.

Linda Root, MBA essay writer at LegitWritingServices.com suggests the following: “Remember that you can always present your ‘negative’ personality traits as positive ones. For instance, one may say that being stubborn is bad. But what if you say that you’re stubborn in achieving your personal development goals?”

What Accomplishments Are You Most Proud Of?

Not all of us become young entrepreneurs with unique start-up ideas. However, this question isn’t about it. By answering it, you need to present your values, personality and determination. Think about an experience that makes you stronger, the situation where your dedication and aspiration helped you get what you wanted. Don’t compare yourself to others, show how significant it was for your personal growth.

See? The devil isn’t so black as he’s painted. Especially now, when you’re equipped with common questions and tips on how to answer them smart. While this isn’t the complete list of questions that you may be asked, these are the most common ones. Preparing answers to these questions beforehand may help you think about other things that you may be asked about. Good luck!

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