4 Steps to Hiring the Best and Building Amazing Teams


Omar L. Harris, a veteran executive and team leadership expert who has been shaping and guiding teams to outstanding performance for two decades and author of Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Omar L. Harris discuss the following:

  1. In your experience as a GM, do you think teams are more important than high performing individuals?
  2. What was the impetus for your book, “Leader Board”?
  3. Explain the process of writing Leader Board: why did you decide to create fictional leaders?
  4. Talk about the work of Bruce Tuckman, the psychologist who came up with a framework for developing teams. How has he influenced your own work?
  5. Do you think teams’ function in the same way in a larger organization as they do in an SMB?
  6. Can you talk about the concept of servant leadership versus power-based leadership? So many in business are used to wielding power to get results. Why is this such a problematic approach?
  7. You’ve got some really interesting points about how to recruit and interview the best talent for any given organization. Can you talk about interviewing methods to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak?
  8. In terms of a great team player, what does the ideal candidate look like?

Omar L. Harris hails from Pittsburgh, PA and is passionate about leading teams, high- performance coaching, and inspiring more people to adopt the servant leader mindset.

Omar is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach; a bestselling, award-winning author; independent publishing guru; entrepreneur; and 20-year veteran of the global pharmaceutical industry. He is the author of One Blood, From Authors to Entrepreneurs F.A.T.E., and Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams (TPC Books, April 18, 2019). 

He resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is General Manager of Allergan PLC, and is presently working on the sequel to Leader Board — Halo: The Mission of High Performance Teams.


Website: www.omarlharris.com

Social Media Links:
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/omarlharris
Facebook: facebook.com/authorleadercoach
Twitter: @strengthsleader
Instagram: @omarl.harris_agn

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