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4 Reasons Why Personal Coaches Are Great

Posted: January 11, 2020 at 7:26 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Personal coaching is a booming industry. There are thousands of people working as a self-employed coach with accredited qualifications and experience spanning decades with successful people all over the world. Its an industry that spans business, fitness, investments and even poker.  Let’s look at some reasons why personal coaches are great.


Coaches will be honest with you and tell you things you may not want to hear, but need to. They have an honest and candid approach to their profession. This level of honesty is rare in business and working life and will serve to help you fulfil your potential. A coach has no qualms with telling you if you have a problem that needs sorting, if it is for your own benefit. Most coaches also belong to a professional body that has a code of ethics to abide by. 

They Are Personally Invested

One of the best things about having a coach is they are personally invested in you and your objectives and seeing them through. They are keen to see you develop and do well as it reflects on the service they are providing. They know, if they do a bad job, you will stop the coaching programme and look elsewhere for personal development. They want to see their mentoring and advice bear fruit, not only because it means you and they are doing well, but because they are likely to get referrals and testimonials too. 


Coaching can be conducted by email, phone, and webcams. There are so many ways to communicate now that we are not restricted to face to face meetings. You don’t have to pay hundreds in travel expenses for your coach to visit you at the office anymore. The technology at our disposal and shared calendars means personal coaches have greater flexibility than even a decade ago.

Personal Wellness

Having a personal coach is a person to confide in and tell your concerns. It’s not therapy, it’s an objective and impartial personal relationship unlike other’s in your life. It helps one get rid of emotional baggage and makes them happier. A coach often becomes a friend as well as a paid consultant. When you spend lots of time with someone and their personal development, it’s natural that a friendship will develop. Often, a coach will stay in touch after the business relationship has ended to see how the other party is doing. 


Personal coaches are great for individuals, businesses and society in general. They are a motivating and driving force that is pushing everyone to be better. The truth is there are people in the world that can’t or don’t motivate themselves, lack belief and need encouragement on their journey in life. It could be an injured sportsperson that needs support in recovery and belief to get back to full fitness. It could be a selfish CEO of a large company that needs telling he’s selfish as his behaviour is toxic to the morale of his employees. Both can be helped with a personal coach. 

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