4 Corporate Team-Bonding Ideas to Bring Your Office Closer Together

Your business’s sales may be soaring, but what about your office’s spirits? If all your staff members don’t know each other very well, they likely won’t feel at home in their workplace.

As a business owner, you may find polite nods at the water cooler disheartening. You want all your employees to get along on a deeper level so that they work productively, stick around, and remain loyal to your business. That may require some planned time for team bonding.

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Check out four fun corporate team-bonding ideas that’ll bring your team together below.

1. A Virtual Magic Show

Do you have a large group of people who primarily work from home? If so, hosting a traditional team bonding event won’t be realistic. Instead, you can hire professionals to put on a virtual magic show over Zoom.

No one has to get left behind when you put on a virtual magic show. Employees from all over the world can tune in, and they can attend in their pajamas. This kind of event takes away a lot of social pressure — everyone can just show up and have a good time.

With the right performer, a virtual magic show can feel much like an up-close, in-person performance. The magician can select audience members for volunteers and perform impressive tricks without the cheesy stage props and gimmicks. Plus, all your employees will get a kick from seeing their co-workers in the hot seat.

2. A Board Game Tournament

A board game tournament is a clever way to foster your in-person staff’s competitive spirit, and no one has to venture far from their cubicle.

As the host of this tournament, you can conduct it in many ways. One way is to select a single game (like Scrabble) and set it up in an unused room. Have your employees sign up for specific time slots and allow them to leave their desks to play during these times. Create a bracket and have the winners keep competing until a sole victor remains.

If you’re worried about sacrificing too much productivity, try opting for a shorter game, like Jenga or checkers. We guarantee that your employees will appreciate any chance to bond with their co-workers over some childhood nostalgia.

3. A Canoeing Trip

According to one study from Indeed, more than half of American workers are experiencing burnout. A trek away from the desk and out into nature might be just what the doctor ordered.

Consider putting together a canoeing excursion, whether it be just a day trip or a weekend-long adventure. Encourage your employees to sign up for canoes with co-workers they don’t normally associate with. This way, everyone in your office can interact and get a chance to work together in an unfamiliar environment.

The teamwork and leadership skills your employees will learn will translate seamlessly once you all make it back to the office.

4. A Professional Development Workshop

Professional development is essential for any company’s success. It lets businesses retain talent and helps employees feel more confident in the work they’re doing.

Why not give all your staff members a chance to further their careers and encourage team bonding all at once?

Try hosting a professional development workshop during the workday. This workshop can be related to your employees’ duties, but you can also make it more generalized. Anyone can benefit from a crash course on “How to Be a Better Leader” or “Improving Communication in the Workplace.”

BONUS: Virtual Escape Games: 

Escape game activities are a perfect opportunity to get to know your colleagues better with traditional ice breakers. They also promote learning as a team as you’ll have to decipher codes and understand complicated texts, meaning your team will need an agile mind for the activity. This also leads to practicing communication skills between team members, as well as problem-solving abilities while boosting employee’s morale. Companies like Escapely, for example, have virtual escape game activities from which the whole team can benefit from.

Planning the Perfect Corporate Team-Bonding Activity for Your Office

When planning the perfect corporate team-bonding activity for your office, you’ll have to evaluate your specific group. A smaller team may benefit from something more intimate and low-key. On the other hand, you might need to think more broadly for a larger squad.

No matter what your business is, there’s a team-bonding activity for your employees on this list. If you think they need an evening of silly fun, a magic show or group game might be more appropriate than an excursion on the water.

We recommend pitching a few of these ideas to your team and see what interests them most. Or, if you’re feeling confident, surprise them with a spontaneous outing that you think everyone will enjoy.

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