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4 Careers You Might Not Have Considered Yet

Posted: May 23, 2020 at 11:47 am / by / comments (0)

Why does trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life so complicated? It’s hard to nail down the exact career you want when there’s so much pressure to decide right away.

When you try to think about the future and the job you want, it is easy to get stuck in rut with all the options. But we’re here to help you brainstorm some jobs that could just be the perfect fit.

Read on to find out about four amazing careers you hadn’t considered trying yet:

  1. If You Like Working With Your Hands: Contracting

Many contractors oversee construction work and specialize in home or business renovation. Contractors work at all different levels of expertise and find work across the country, since there’s always demand for new properties.

Individual contractors can work under the umbrella of a larger corporation or easily run a business as an independent LLC. Basically, contracting work is highly flexible physical work, which is a great fit for someone with a family.

Additionally, becoming a contractor in states like North Carolina is a simple process. Generally, you just need to know how to properly do the job and the ability to pass a test to prove your skills. Every state across the US has different regulations and licensing requirements. But if you have always liked building things or home renovation, then this could be the perfect career for you!

  1. If You Like Social Media: Brand Management

A brand management position is perfect for someone who has great social media skills. Brand managers are marketers who focus on a brand’s image and reputation in the public eye, as opposed to a specific ad campaign.

People in this position are often responsible for coordinating marketing campaigns and focusing a team’s efforts in one direction. Brand managers may also work with a company after a scandal or marketing misstep to damage control and rehabilitate its image.

Having a marketing degree is a great way to prepare for a position in brand management. Furthermore, being familiar with social media platforms, and social media management software like Later Instagram scheduler and Tweet deck can help set you up for success in this field.

  1. If You Like Helping Others: Career Counselor

If your true passion comes from helping others connect to what they like, then being a career counselor could be a dream come true for you. Career counselors often have a background in HR, but the position doesn’t require a specific degree. Instead, if being a career counselor sounds appealing, you should study up on the wide variety of job search sites and get to know more about what careers are in demand.

Career counselors also help others with their resume formatting. So be sure to have strong proof-reading skills and get ready to connect others with their dreams!

  1. If You Like Cooking: Catering

If you enjoy feeding people but can’t imagine working in a restaurant, starting a catering business could be the perfect solution for you. Caterers work special events like weddings, christenings, and bar mitzvahs to feed the attendees. Catering hours can vary, but if you enjoy event planning and culinary work, then catering may be the ideal industry for you.

Even if you aren’t interested in cooking, catering is a great industry to explore. Catering companies often need event and staff managers. If you are a people person and you enjoy working with special events, then you should definitely check out this industry.

Bottom Line

Altogether, finding a job you love is tricky, but don’t get discouraged. With a little creative thinking, training, and persistence, you’re sure to find a job you love!

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