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‘Facebook Shops’ initiative gets the support of Australian start-ups

Posted: May 23, 2020 at 12:04 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Online retailers seeing the benefits of e-commerce amid the coronavirus lockdown

Social media giant Facebook has announced Facebook shops, a new e-commerce feature that allows businesses to easily list their products on their Facebook page, Instagram profile, stories or in ads.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced Facebook Shops will make it easier for companies to list their products on Facebook and Instagram. 

The free feature allows businesses set up product listings on their Facebook Page, Instagram profile, Stories or in ads. 

Facebook Shops will eventually also allow businesses to sell products to customers through the ‘chat’ features of WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct. 

They’ll also be able to tag products during Facebook and Instagram livestreams, so customers can click on the tags and be taken to a product ordering page.

The innovation has arrived at a time when Facebook is reupping its efforts to bolster small businesses during the coronavirus, with Zuckerberg adding that he was directly involved with the development of it. 

With small businesses making up a significant majority of Facebook’s 8 million-plus advertisers, they will be encouraged to keep actively engaging with the social media site. 

According to Chaim Lever, the founder of flexible payment options app Four, this latest retail innovation from Mark Zuckerberg and Co. is entirely praiseworthy. 

“In a time where businesses are looking for easier avenues to their consumers,” he said, “this is a great way for them to give their shoppers new ways to interact with their products.”

Mr Lever said that with 30% of all retail sales of late having be done through e-commerce, consumers are finding new ways to get the goods and services they need through online means. 

“The increase is mostly due to COVID-19,” he said. 

“So, these moves by Facebook make a great case for the continued use of e-commerce beyond COVID-19.”

Facebook noted in its announcement that it has been working with Shopify, BigCommerce and others in its efforts to bolster small businesses. 

This move has also met the approval of start-up business owners like Mr Lever. 

“Shopify and Facebook are increasing the possibilities for businesses to succeed in a time when retail and other areas have taken a major hit,” he said.

“This new Facebook Shops release opens up new avenues for brands to reach their consumers,” he said. 

Chaim Lever is the founder and CEO of Four, a modern payment option that allows your customers to pay for items they want in Four easy and interest free payments.

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