2021 Trends in Business Process Automation

Forward-thinking automation is in extremely high demand now as companies have to adapt to the massive shift to online data processing. Businesses need a secure and stable digital environment to hold the bar high and progress while consumers are safe at their homes. Businesses need a secure and stable digital environment to hold the bar high and progress while consumers are safe at their homes. Business process automation helps companies achieve business objectives that go far beyond the IT department.Do you already see a huge space for implementing automation strategies here?

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Will Your Business Benefit From Automation?

Although injecting new processes into your company’s workflow might appear costly, it will save you dozens of thousands of USD or even more by boosting your business efficiency. Let’s say you need an effective fraud prevention solution for your online store. You could either hire a 24/7 department of highly skilled professionals who know how to detect fraud or hire just a couple of them to supervise an automated digital surveillance system. This way, you can reduce human labor costs, eliminate the human factor in the fraud detection process, and minimize the number of potentially successful attacks. This short example already reveals an immense number of potential benefits for any company, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, let’s see the biggest trends. 

1. Hyper-Automation

Without replacing humans, hyper-automation lets them automate basic repetitive tasks and focus on the more global challenges. Intelligent business process management (IBMP), machine learning, AI, and robotic process automation (RPA) are called to collaborate and set employees free from as many routine information processing tasks as possible. 

2. ASA (As-a-Service) Automation

Switching more processes to cloud-based solutions reduces the need for expensive corporate storage and physical processing forces. All your employees need are laptops, Wi-Fi, and corporate subscriptions. Growing business online has no limitations due to modern cloud services like Zoom, G-Suite, a knowledge base system etc.

3. AI

The super-purpose of AI is to mimic human behavior and thought in certain situations. Along with machine learning, AI systems can already provide nearly spotless data analysis and adequate decision-making. One of the most promising uses is the automation of drones and vehicles for transportation. 

4. Shared Workspace

While building an office might require millions, creating a bunch of Slack or G-Suite accounts looks like getting a roller-coaster ticket. Human interactions will always be the brainstorming and decision-making core of any business, so seamless connection and shared access to the same databases is an essential feature of the modern remote office. 

5. Voice-Activated Automation

Technologies like Amazon Alexa have already been tested thoroughly enough across households worldwide, so voice automation is about to invade the business sector as well. It’s called to boost employee multitasking and enable hands-free process initialization. The main idea behind the trend is that average humans talk faster than they type. 

Time to Catch Up

The sooner your business adopts one or more of the enlisted trends, the easier it will be to adapt to what comes in 2022 and beyond. Talking about costs, keeping up with the prominent trends will help you stay at the peak of your business efficiency without the need for major reorganizations in many years. 

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