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10 Small Businesses to Start in 2020

Posted: May 13, 2020 at 8:53 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Before COVID-19, the healthcare industry was booming. In 2020 and beyond, the pandemic isn’t going to stop that momentum. Instead, it’s going to shift further towards more in-home services as seniors and their loved ones feel more comfortable at home and with family. As you look into these new ventures, here are a few ideas to get you started with home-based health and senior care services. 

Home-Based Senior Care 

There’s going to be an influx of “Keep mom and dad at home,” campaigns. This change in business models will move more businesses towards outpatient and in-home care services and products. A senior care franchise is a great way to start or expand your entrepreneurial career and help your community. There are organizations available to help you build a network of home care workers and nurses to administer medications, provide wound care, assist with after surgical or hospitalization care, and offer in-home follow-ups. 

Senior Day Care

A popular option for people over 50 that need more supervision due to physical and mental health needs is daytime community care. While a family may not need a nurse or nurses aid to watch over their loved one, they often need someone to help them while no one else is available to spend quality time with them. Additionally, seniors with some memory care needs may need help with basic needs, such as meal preparation, moving about safely, grooming, and reminders for medications and other important tasks. 

Fitness for Seniors

A home-based business doesn’t have to involve long hours. Other services are just as essential. For optimal health, everyone should get regular exercise. If a loved one doesn’t know how to do this for their parents or grandparents, a fitness expert can provide private sessions daily or a few times a week to keep mom and dad moving and feeling great. 

Cleaning Services 

Cleanliness is essential for safety and health. An essential senior care service is everything from light housework to extensive cleaning to prevent disease and infection. Tasks you may be asked to complete could vary from daily vacuuming and dishes to carpet cleaning and laundry for your cleaning business

Community-Based Deliveries 

To help seniors and their caregivers stay in when necessary, you can take orders and deliver items curbside. Services could involve purchasing medical and beauty supplies to items needed around the home, such as new curtains or even clothing. Additionally, customers could use someone to help them safely make online purchases. 

Personal Care

Just because they’re at home or only seeing family members and medical staff doesn’t mean seniors don’t want to look great. There are plenty of opportunities for helping with everything from hygiene needs, such as bathing and dressing to hair and nail care.  

Gardening and Yard Maintenance

Clients with a large yard or a garden they’ve been working in for years don’t want to give up as they age. By providing lawn care services, such as mowing, pruning, mulching, and trimming, you can help them stay at home and continue doing the things they love. 

Meal Prep Delivery Services 

Do you like to cook? As people age, cooking three healthy meals daily isn’t easy and poor nutrition can cause their health to decline. By offering hot foods, snacks, and other items that are healthy and easy for seniors to eat can take a lot of stress away from other caregivers and improve their lives overall. 

Home Improvement & Remodeling

Some jobs don’t require you to see the same people every day and allow you to complete the work and move to the next task. Home improvements that help mom and dad stay with family can help seniors age in place. Services can vary from installing safety handles and making rooms wheelchair accessible to building an entire addition to the family residence. 

Safe Medical Transportation 

There are times when medical visits can’t take place in the home. In addition, tests and other types of care may need a hospital setting for access to advanced technology, such as imaging and inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures. It may not be cost-effective for seniors living at home or with relatives to have transportation that’s wheelchair accessible. If you have the training and equipment, you can help get patients to essential medical visits to community-based locations or more out-of-the-area hospitals and clinics for advanced health care treatments.  

These are only a few ideas for new businesses. The opportunities are nearly endless with more people seeking in-home assistance. For further information about starting your own small senior care business, contact us today.

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