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10 Dating Tips To Make Your First Date Great After Meeting Online

Posted: February 11, 2020 at 4:47 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Online dating websites are in the trend. It is more specifically a place for the single to find a potential partner. From where to start the first online dating conversation and what to do on the first date? It is always confusing. It is because we had never met the other person. It is not necessary that if both of the partners are having good chemistry in chats, then it would be the same in real life as well.

One of my closest friends, I’ve known her since I was five. She recently had a first date with a guy on Tinder. The relationship drastically lasted for seven hours maximum. Tips that help people how to leave an unforgettable impression on the first date. From having drinks to having dinner, that is all they have done in seven hours. This is awful to me at once because they have good chemistry in chats and once they meet and planned a date with each other. The relationship only lasts for seven hours at maximum. Therefore, it is not sure that if you have good chemistry in online conversation, it will help you to hold your relationship on your first date.

We covered the top 10 tips for the first online date. If you are interested in more such tips and advice, please visit Dating Times.

Tips for the First Online Date

#1 Do something relaxing beforehand.

Stress is the primary factor that we overreact or feel shy in front of our partner. Therefore, it is always better to do something relaxing (Whatever, the thing that will make you relax) before going to your date.

If you do this, then you will feel refreshed and less pressure in your head. This is how you can mainly focus on your date.

#2 Plan something casual

Everyone goes to bars, restaurants on their first date. It is now up to you how creative you are in planning your first date. If you follow out the simple going-on routine, then this could be just boring. Instead, ask her to come to any theme park, walk around the location with a coffee in the hands. 

This not only increases your chances of talking more but also increases the trust and bond.

#3 Always tell a friend before meeting your first date.

You may have heard the word “Stranger Danger.” It is because not everyone you meet online is perfect for you. It can be even dangerous sometimes. Therefore, you should always tell any of your trusted friends about your meeting location and whom you are meeting before heading off to the date.

#4 Have something planned afterwards.

We all are fans of something planned after the first date. This is just advice that you should plan for something special and extra after ending up your first date. It usually depends on your partner’s mood.

#5 Meet at the location.

No matter how long you are dating each other online. You don’t know them in real. Therefore, you should always prefer to meet them at the exact date venue or location. This is for your safety as once they get into your car, they will have all the control.

#6 Be Open-Minded

You should be open-minded. It is because you both have some expectation that what the other person is going to like in real life. You don’t have to disappoint your partner with your shyness and boring talks. Therefore, you should always be open-minded and straightforward on your first date.

#7 Keep the conversation light.

Keep your conversation as light as possible. You should include any political arguments or what is happening on the world social cause etc. Try to put out his/her interest on the first date and start having a conversation on the same topic. This increases the interest of another partner to talk more confidently.

#8 Don’t misrepresent yourself.

Don’t try to be a perfect person. Remember? the expectations I was talking about. It is the same. Therefore, don’t try to be accurate that you are not. You should always show your true identity and make another partner clear on the first date itself.

#9 Listen as much as you talk.

Listening is excellent art. It happens to all of us. We usually tell our stories and don’t tend or show interest in what other person wants to talk about. That is why I have to mention that listening is excellent art. You should listen as much you talk. This helps in increasing the understandings and bondings between both partners.

#10 Have a look at your body language.

We know that the majority of the talks is non-communicable. It is because your body language tells everything than your oral stories. When you are out on any date, placing a hand, making eye contracts, laying your arms towards them is the perfect example of positive body language.

On the other hand, when you look somewhere, fidgeting, watching your phone, not making eye contact? This is the best example of your negative body language.

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