Your Facebook Company Page Isn’t Complete Without These 6 Things

Is your Facebook company page complete? Like, really, truly, absolutely complete? Is it possible to get that many Likes?

If it doesn’t incorporate these six elements, you can’t honestly say that it is.

Don’t panic. You can address most of these items in a matter of minutes, or at least get the ball rolling on a plan of attack. For those that require ongoing attention, a few man-hours per week (at most!) is all that’s required.

The best part: Once you’ve crossed these items off your to-do list, you’ll have a Facebook presence far more robust than most of your competitors. If you don’t believe it, check their pages for yourself.

1. Up-to-Date Contact Details

This shouldn’t take long to address, but it’s absolutely crucial to jump on ASAP. Nothing saps your credibility like a disconnected phone number or parked domain. Check your Facebook page’s contact details right now, if you haven’t already.

2. A Clear, Compelling Tagline

Your Facebook page won’t sell itself. Adding a clear, compelling tagline or value proposition above the fold just might. This Facebook page for The Centre for Arts, for instance, invites visitors to “Make Passion Your Profession” — a clarion call if there ever was one.

3. Obvious (But Not Over-the-Top) Calls to Action

Pepper your on-page copy with clear, but not over-the-top, calls to action — invitations to visitors to take the next step in their interaction with your organization. This might mean embedding a sign-up link or linking out to an external event page; whatever the case, there should be no ambiguity about what you’re trying to achieve.

4. An Eye-Catching Cover Photo

If your Facebook page’s cover photo doesn’t immediately grab visitors’ attention, it’s not doing its job. Swap out whatever’s up currently for a colorful, in-focus spread that complements your value proposition or tagline and makes clear what your organization is all about.

5. At Least Two Short Updates Per Week

Keeping your Facebook page lively is the surest way to increase engagement. Make time for at least two short updates per week — no more than 100 words of text, plus a photo or video element.

6. At Least One Longer Post Per Week (Or a Link Out to Same)

Task your in-house marketing lead with tapping out at least one long post per week. Alternatively, include a snippet of the post text and link out to the full version on your corporate blog or webpage. Include multiple visual elements to avoid text overload.

Get Your Facebook Page Ready for Prime Time

For better or worse, Facebook is the Super Bowl of social media platforms — the real deal, the main event, whatever you want to call it.

Even if you’ve stepped away from your personal Facebook page, your business simply can’t thrive without a robust presence on the Western world’s most popular social media network.

That means your Facebook company page needs to be ready for prime time, whatever state it’s in right now. If you can implement the six tips and tricks outlined here on a timely and (for those requiring ongoing attention) consistent basis, then you’ll be well on your way to turning your competitors green with envy.

Or blue, in the spirit of our subject today.

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