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Women, trust your financial gut and invest boldly!

Posted: December 8, 2018 at 12:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Jewel Tankard, Founder of The Millionairess Club which empowers women to become educated in money matters, trust their own financial gut, and invest boldly joins Enterprise Radio.

Through her monthly webinar series (Millionairess Club, $29 subscription) and annual conference, Millionairess Club Conference 2019 (in April), Jewel offers affordable access to sound and uplifting financial advice.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jewel Tankard discuss the following:

  1. What prompted you to start the Millionairess Club?
  2. What one thing would you want every female entrepreneur to know?
  3. For those entrepreneurs that are already investing, what changes may they need to make?
  4. For the Mom-preneur, what advice would you give for growing a business without creating resentment within your family?
  5. How to you keep from becoming stagnant in your goals?

A global economist trained by the University of Michigan combined with hard earned experience, Jewel Tankard is the star and matriarch of Bravo’s hit reality series “Thicker Than Water.” The wife of Gospel Jazz Musician Ben Tankard, Jewel Tankard is a pastor and business mogul who desires to see women and families live their dreams by obtaining financial freedom.

Equipped with a unique business message, Jewel uses a Biblical foundation to help ordinary women lead extraordinary professional and personal lives. She seeks to lead by example, maintaining a positive and hopeful outlook on life that helps motivate others to reach their fullest potential. That message is at the core of the Jewel Tankard Brand and sets the tone for her television talk show and the wildly popular Millionairess Club. Through this global club, she now mentors women across the United States and in nearly 10 countries on cutting edge money matters, wealth strategies, and global economics. She empowers club members to dominate in their fields of expertise and create massive cash flow to produce a worldwide impact. At the same time, Jewel recently released a bestselling e-book, Jewel Tankard’s JumpStart: Quick Tips for Wealth Building which has provided simplistic financial insight helped people across the globe build a solid foundation for creating generational wealth.

Jewel’s teachings and workshops encourage personal development, provide mentorship, invoke new ideas and inspire her audience to dream “big” and change their lives. She strongly believes that prayer is paramount to success and is committed to giving people, especially women a picture of what is possible. Jewel candidly shares the principles she used to make the transition from working for others to owning her own successful business. As a result, she helps who desire to have the same kind of financial freedom.

A Financial Services expert, Jewel currently offers Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies that allow one policy to cover life and disability, provide cash value and lifetime income. She also assists individuals with expanding their financial portfolio through improving their credit scores and acquiring currency grade gold. She understands her purpose of helping her clients improve and secure their financial portfolio. Amidst her financial pursuits, Jewel maintains involvement in her community as a board member of the Rutherford County Domestic Violence Shelter in Murfreesboro, TN.. Jewel teaches throughout the country and is determined to change lives all over the world through television, conferences, and the social media. She is a wife, mother of five, co-pastor, actress, entrepreneur, author, and friend. Jewel is not only a voice to the kingdom of God, but a voice to the socioeconomic systems of the world.

Together with husband Ben, Jewel pastors The Destiny Center, a growing, multi-cultural, non- denominational, Bible-believing, Word-based church located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Out to make a change, she wants every person to know that “You Can Have It All”!

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