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Why You Should Deepen Your Desire for Disruption

Posted: November 18, 2017 at 11:54 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Natalie Viglione the CEO and Founder of an award-winning Business and Coaching Services Firm called Team Gu which is in New York City and Charlotte, NC joins Enterprise Radio.

Natalie is also the Creator and Chief Disruptor of the Disrupt Now Program and Podcast. A creative visionary, Natalie helps businesses and individuals realize their full potential, uncover their purpose, and put the right plans in place to make them thrive.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Natalie Viglione discuss the following:

  • What is Team Gu and what do you and your team do?
  • Disrupt Now – how does that fit into your business model and what is it exactly?
  • What do you mean by “disruption” and why do you feel that it’s something important for individuals, and for the businesses that are your clients?
  • What happens when there is a disruption in the “status quo” exactly? What have you seen?
  • What are some samples of what you and your team do to allow them to “disrupt now” or get out of being stuck in “status quo”?

SUMMARY: The world is complicated today that we can all agree with I believe. We take on a lot of transition and sometimes oppose those moments of change. I’m here to change the way we see those moments because disruptive moments push you towards freedom. Disruption in business isn’t only about disrupting a market, or talking about digital disruption; it’s bigger than that. At an individual level, freedom comes when you’re living from your purpose (what you’re here to do in this world and is your unique footprint); you become connected, your entire being is “turned on” and you’re tuned in. This doesn’t just apply to individuals as people run businesses, so companies are also living, breathing, works of art just like our lives.

If a business isn’t working from its purpose point, if it doesn’t have its unique footprint in a specific industry, then the way it portrays itself and behaves will be off, and that will mean the business will suffer in some way and business goals aren’t attained. Things will just be off. If we desire to live and breathe from the point of purpose then minds open, risks are taken to achieve more significant levels of success, and alignment happens. The same is true in operating our businesses. If we deepen our desire as humans, in general, to want disruption and not be afraid to make those moments continuously happen regardless of the related risk, we can create more mindful, and conscious activities to happen in the world. We can help change the world together, support the greater good, and not just in our respective areas of living or doing business, but from a global perspective.

Natalie Viglione is a creative visionary that brings 17 years of corporate experience to her focus as an entrepreneur. Upon reaching a Vice President Executive level in NYC, she decided to disrupt her existence and has focused all of her energy on building her ultimate vision of her life through her business. Natalie is harnessing her creative and business acumen developing an edgy, out of the box, award-winning Business & Coaching Services Firm through Team Gu, and has launched a new product/coaching program and podcast called Disrupt Now (disrupting the status quo!)

Her work with many different businesses over the evolution of her career has helped her create a unique way in helping people and companies become holistically healthy and has developed the means to support that journey to reach new levels of success.

She carries a keen ability to know what makes companies and humans tick intuitively and has learned that she is, in fact, an Empath/Indigo. She can see the most magnificent vision possible and knows innately the right steps necessary to get to that ultimate vision. Her strategic guidance includes consulting around the business in its entirety, management and leadership, sales and marketing, and she is certified and trained as a Life Guide and Teacher (aka Coach). Her work experience in corporations expands across business operations, management, strategy, and implementation of extensive sales and marketing projects that include but are not limited to branding, writing and creating content, creative direction, complex technology projects, video production, rolling out new sales initiatives and training procedures, and much more.

She is a trained and certified Life, Professional and Business Coach under the global program at the World Coach Institute, and is training with a prestigious health and nutrition coaching program called Precision Nutrition to get her Health & Wellness Coaching Certification.

Natalie thrives on utilizing science and art in how she approaches leading her company and is a part of the work that she and the team provides. She’s pulled together a group of very talented individuals to support her on her entrepreneurial journey. Team Gu combines the Disrupt Now ethos and the work at hand is thoroughly broken down to dive into the way people act, behave, and the way people’s brains work. Natalie taps into the necessary growth and evolution strategies and then provides the tools, tips, and techniques to get there. Her purpose in life is helping people and businesses genuinely evolve based on the ethos that disrupting status quo can propel one into the ultimate vision they see for themselves or for the company that they run.

Team Gu is all about working cohesively to build, create and forge new paths with ideas made to stick! To learn more about Team Gu, please go to and can learn more about her disruption journey here. |

Social Media Links:
Facebook: @StickyGu
Twitter: @TeamGuLLC
Instagram: @NatalieViglione

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