Meet Tony Tiyou, the Founder of Renewables in Africa (RiA)

Tony Tiyou, Founder of O&TT Smart and Renewables in Africa, a clean energy consultancy that is delivering services and solutions to businesses in UK and Africa joins the Green Business Podcast Show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Tony Tiyou discuss the following:

  • Could you introduce yourself? Who is Tony Tiyou?
  • Where is the passion for Renewable Energy coming from?
  • What is exactly Renewables in Africa?  Do you have a vision? Objectives?
  • You are about to release a book? What is it about?
  • I’ve read on Linkedin that you are adhering to the 3 bottom-line (people, environment, profit) principle? What do you mean by that? Are you not a bit an idealist?

Tony Tiyou  is the owner of O’wango & TT Smart (O&TT Smart), an engineering consultancy that provides Clean Energy solutions to businesses in UK and Africa.

He holds a triple Master’s Degrees from Cranfield University (UK), Ecole Centrale de Lille (France) and Faculte Polytechnique de Mons (Belgium) and a Recognized Renewable Energy Expert from the European Energy Centre (UK).

Prior to Energy management, he previously worked for a decade in the Automotive Industry.

In 2016, Tony launched Renewables in Africa, the expert blog which vision is to transform Africa and Africans lives by leveraging the Power of Renewable Energy.

Tony is a member of the Energy Manager Association and a strong advocate of Clean Energy as a way to change the World.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @Renewablesafri

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