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Why you don’t need a website and what you need instead

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Marama Carmichael, Head Strategist and Founder at eSense Web Design that works with growing businesses who are dissatisfied with their current website or marketing efforts helping them to get the results they are looking for joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Marama Carmichael discuss the following:

  1. So, what do you mean “you don’t need a website”?
  2. What are the biggest mistakes you see?
  3. There are a lot of different marketing options out there – how do you decide what to advise?
  4. Do you do everything for your customers or do they have to come up with everything?
  5. Is there a process you take your clients through?
  6. Can you give a couple of quick tips that people can do right now?

Marama Carmichael comes to us all the way from Sydney, Australia. With over 9 years in the web and marketing industry, she brings with her over 20 years of experience in science, sales, marketing, customer service, health and business. She founded eSense in 2009 with the purpose of helping businesses grow.

As well as her work for eSense she mentors other web professionals in how to grow their business while providing better results for clients through the Denver based company UGURUS ,

She also mentors for Australian Women in Business development group “She Business”  and speaks and trains both in Australia and the USA helping business owners get clarity on their marketing.

Marama and her team at eSense work with businesses in Australia and the United States who are unhappy with the results of their website or marketing efforts. They create strategy first solutions that actually get results.

Unlike most web people who expect you to tell them what to do, eSense spends the time to work out what you really need. Taking you through a proven process to discover and clarify your marketing and business goals,

They they take those plans and bring it into reality.

At MedihealthStrategies she does the same thing – but specifically for medical and allied health practices.

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