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Why Trumpism is here to stay!

Dr Bart Rossi
Posted: January 20, 2016 at 8:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dr Bart Rossi

Dr. Bart Rossi, the nation’s preeminent ‘Political Psychologist’ joins Enterprise Radio to talk about why Trumpism is here to stay. Doctor Rossi combines his experience in psychology and his extensive knowledge of politics to explore why politicians and elected officials do the things they do.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Bart Rossi discuss the following:

  • Why is Trumpism here to Stay?
  • Who are the Trump supporters?
  • What is most appealing about Trump to his supporters?
  • Tell us if you would, why Donald Trump can not… in your opinion as a Political Psychologist, win a general election?
  • What internal conflict or psychology is developing in the GOP due to Trump?

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. is a political psychologist commentator that provides insights to stories in the news on TV and in print. He offers psychological insight to high profile news items in general, and politics in particular.

He has appeared on a wide range of television networks, including MSNBC, CBS, and FOX5, local television MY9, PIX 11, and the cable news shows News12: Power and Politics; and the EMMY-winning cable show The Fresh Outlook.

He has also appeared on radio shows such as The Wall Street Journal This Morning, the Alan Colmes Show on Fox Radio, the Jake Burkman Show, and WDUN Newstalk 550 in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Rossi  (see full resume of Dr. Rossi ) is member of the American Psychological Association, the New Jersey Psychological Association (former board member), and New Jersey Association for the Advancement of Psychology (former chairperson), who has appeared in print for the New York Daily News, U.S.A. Today, U.S. Daily review, SOCIAL Magazine, and the New Jersey State League of Municipalities Magazine.


Social Media Links:
Twitter: @DrBartRossiPhD

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