Why Travel Agencies Should Invest in Outbound Calling Software

Looking for new ways to improve communications and generate more sales for your travel company? An outbound calling service may be the solution your business needs. Outbound calling is a telecom service that enables cold and warm calling. Most companies use this service to expand globally and attract new customers. And your travel agency can do the same with the right communication tools.

Outbound Calling: A Necessary Communication Tool for Travel Agencies 

So, what is an outbound calling software? This software enables businesses to make a high volume of outgoing calls to local and international numbers without paying high calling charges. And so, this service proves ideal for a travel agency looking to get customers from all over the globe. Whether your business has one physical location or multiple locations across different countries, you can use this calling service to increase brand awareness, sell promotions, and maintain good relationships with existing and past customers. 

Switch Up Your Caller ID 

One key aspect of outbound calling is the ability to change your outgoing caller ID. In other words, customers you call will see the caller ID of the number you choose to display. How this works is, you purchase multiple virtual business numbers. Cloud-based phone service providers, like United World Telecom (https://www.unitedworldtelecom.com/) for example, generally have access to local and international numbers for different countries and states spread across the world.

You can get numbers for markets and demographics your agency wants to target. For example, you can get local New York area code numbers to target customers in the state of New York. And then also get Mexico local numbers to target customers there as well. Then, when calling these customers, irrespective of where you are located, you can override the caller ID to display either a specific New York area code number or your Mexico number.

This is helpful when contacting long-distance and international prospects because they are more likely to answer a local incoming call than one they don’t recognize. And when they call back, they won’t be charged high long-distance calling fees because they’ll be calling a local or toll free number. And so, outbound calling will offer you a cheaper way to make new contacts and generate leads from different parts of the world. At the same time, having virtual contact numbers will ensure that customers don’t hesitate when calling you back.

What Can You Do With An Outbound Calling Service?

Outbound calling is a common communication tool used by marketing and sales teams. The two main purposes of this type of service are to 1) generate new leads and sales, and 2) increase customer retention. This means taking the right steps towards selling to new prospects while taking exceptional care of current customers. Here are some tasks your travel agency can perform using an outbound calling service:

  • Develop custom travel plans
  • Target customers from specific regions during peak travel times
  • Offer promotions and incentives to new customers
  • Follow-up with web-visitors that interacted with your website or social media page
  • Conduct market research to understand what your ideal customer group desires and prefers
  • Offer discounts to past customers
  • Follow-up with recent travelers to ask about their travel experiences
  • Collect feedback and surveys 
  • Provide customer service and support
  • Book flights, hotel reservations, tours, etc.

A New Way To Improve Business Communication

Outbound calling offers businesses of every kind a new and cheaper way to expand and reach clients beyond their immediate physical location. Use this service to draw customers to your agency and then utilize promotions to encourage them to stay!

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