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Why Police Radio Scanners are Growing in Popularity

Posted: August 1, 2020 at 11:41 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Want to know some of the benefits of owning a police scanner? Read on! 

It’s Entertainment!

We are not going to lie and say that listening to a police radio scanner is always going to be a whopping amount of fun. You will hear about the pettiest of things on the radio scanner. However, every so often, a bit of action happens. That radio chatter about a homeless man accidentally wandering into a suburban garden quickly becomes radio chatter about an assault, a protest, or (sadly) a murder. We know that it feels a little bit weird to listen in real-time to this happening, It is why people watch crime shows. It is because listening in on crime is somewhat interesting. Not all the time, but it is still interesting.

One of the reasons as to why we love owning a police radio scanner is because we are able to listen in to the way in which the police work. If you have any sort of interest in police operations, and the lingo that they use, then a police radio scanner is the way to go. You will get a better feel for everything than just tuning into a crime TV show which cut out everything that isn’t deemed as ‘exciting’. There is just something about listening in on people doing their job in real-time which is such fun. The more you listen in, the better it becomes too. This is because you will start to understand all that lingo, and you will be pulled right into the action.

Learn about the ‘happenings’ in your local area

One of the main reasons why people pick up a police scanner is because they want to be able to understand what crime is happening in their local area. Did you think the place you live is crime-free? Well, guess again. The second you turn on that police scanner, you will be able to hear radio chatter of everything that is happening in the local area., It will provide you with a better overview than crime stats ever will.

In recent months, a lot of people have been using police radio scanners to listen in on local protests. This way they can get a feel for how these protests are progressing. It has even allowed people to protect their property, or to avoid traveling in certain areas.

In some states, you will also be allowed to use a police radio scanner in your vehicle. This means that you will be able to listen in on whether there are police on the roads etc. We know that it is a little bit unethical, but if you do this, you will be able to avoid speeding tickets and the like.

Better than an app-based police radio scanner

A lot of people first discover the world of police radio scanners through those free apps that you can download for your smartphone. Now, as brilliant as these apps are, they do have a couple of drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest, and most important, is the fact that their sound quality often leaves a lot to be desired. When you listen to a police radio scanner, you want to be able to hear every single word that is spoken, right?

With an app-based police radio scanner, you are also at the whim of whether there is a cellphone or internet connection. This means that you won’t be able to listen to your police scanner out there in the sticks somewhere.

You don’t have any of these issues if you have your own police scanner. This makes things a whole lot more exciting. You do not have to worry about whether the station you want is being broadcast. You do not have to worry about whether you have a decent connection with your phone or tablet. You can just switch on your police scanner, and you will be able to listen to everything that you want to hear without too much fuss!


Remember; there are a lot of police radio scanners out there. It is important that you take the time to find the right one for the job. Trust us, this is something that you are going to be using a lot. For more information & police radio scanner reviews, visit our friends here. You want it to both sound great and be boasting a plethora of features that make listening to the police scanner a breeze.

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