Why play hunters in Classic World of Warcraft?

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It is not without reason that the hunter has been one of the most popular classes since the beginning of World of Warcraft. The chain carrier is a versatile ranged fighter who can take on numerous special tasks with the right companion. In dungeons and raids, the hunter is in no way inferior to other ranged fighters such as magicians and warlocks, and the hunter does not need to hide in PvP either. The most important point that speaks for the hunter, however, is the relatively simple way of playing and the clear magic book, which makes it easy for beginners to get started with Classic-WoW.

Strengths and weaknesses

With the companion who distracts most enemies from their master, hunters advance very quickly when questing. If you skillfully steer your opponents into the trap, manipulate them with CC skills and give your companion the right commands, you will have no difficulties in the free game world and in instances. You can also free yourself from the fight with dead spots every half a minute and save yourself a lot of repair costs.

What the hunter’s strengths are, at the same time, his weaknesses. Your companion requires great attention both in combat and outside. Your animal has to be cured and fed regularly, which on the whole takes a lot of time and, above all, valuable pocket space. Speaking of inventory: In Classic-WoW you not only need space and WoW gold which you can easily buy on a trusted gamer marketplace for feeding your pet, but also for ammunition. As soon as you run out of arrows, melee is the order of the day. By the way, the minimum range hits the same contra notch. You have to keep enough distance from your opponent to continue shooting. Because as a duelist the hunter doesn’t make a good impression!

The best races

In Classic-WoW a total of five races can follow the hunter’s path. We tell you which races are particularly strong as hunters.

Horde: Trolls are the undisputed favorites in the PvE game with their folk ability berserk and bow specialization (increases bow skills by a whopping five points!). Orc and Tauren hunters, on the other hand, are particularly strong in PvP mode.

Alliance: Both the dwarves and night elves have their strengths in different game areas. Dwarven hunters have a five-point bonus to firearm skill and a strong defensive stealth form, while night elves with shadow facial expressions have a clear advantage in PvP in the free world.

The best professions

Classic-WoW has a large selection of professions! We recommend the combination of leather processing and engineering. Both professions provide you with useful items such as the devil dinosaur set and the Goblin pioneer explosive charge, as well as some helmets and jewelry.

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