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Why One of the Best Builders of all Time is Destined for a Renovation More than Two Decades On

Posted: September 22, 2020 at 4:25 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

While the saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ holds true in many areas, it rarely gains ground within the gaming industry. Renovations and remastered content represent a mainstay for creators who understand that nostalgia and sentimentality are invaluable tools in their belt.

Like movies or music, games hold the potential to make a lasting impression on us; we attach some of our own significance to them, and enjoy revisiting those unique worlds in the years – and decades – that follow. 

The difficulty lies in the act of returning to an earlier state of technology, which is why so many developers are returning to the drawing board and injecting new life into old classics. The most recent example of this turn toward the past is in Dotemu and Triskell Interactive’s announcement of an upcoming remake of ‘Pharaoh: a New Era’, a 1999 title that has come to be widely regarded as one of the best builders ever made. 

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Of course, a great deal of time has passed since the game’s initial release – and within the gaming industry, where time runs considerably faster, that puts lightyears between Pharaoh’s heyday, and now. So, why does it warrant a revival, and when should we expect to see it?

Ancient Egypt Continues to Offer One of the Most Exciting Real-World Settings for Gaming

Ancient Egypt represents an incredibly liminal time and space in which to create new stories. While the setting itself needn’t stray into the realm of fantasy or magic realism – unless, of course, you want it to – it offers a remarkably nuanced and creative otherworldly element for developers and storyboard artists to explore. 

Take, for instance, the ways in which Mansion have been capturing the Egyptian theme perfectly in the Eye of Horus slot; the myriad depictions found within Tomb Raider publications; or, of course, the level of detail captured within Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Origins. 

Ancient Egypt houses one of the most exciting and spiritual histories the world has ever known, and it offers a fascinating backdrop for adventurous gamers. 

City Builders Remain an Incredibly Popular Genre for Gamers

While city builders have long held a strong following on mobile devices, PC, and console, it was only recently that the genre began to undergo something of a renaissance within the world of gaming. 

As a genre, city builders have access to an incredible variety of themes and historical landmarks. From bestseller Sim City to Pharaoh itself, the potential for exploration and limitless creativity is significant. Players can lead their own gameplay, and enjoy a sense of separation from the usual plot-driven titles that tend to dominate the charts. 

They can be as simple and straightforward, or as challenging and, at times, infuriating, as the player wants. Switching between Challenge and Free Play mode can be done at the player’s prerogative, and both versions offer their own immersive and absorbing experience to anyone who wants to effectively ‘play God’ over an entire civilisation for a few hours. 

When Will ‘Pharaoh: A New Era’ be Re-Released?

While no definitive release date has been announced yet, we do know that the remastered title will be made available by Dotemu and Triskell Interactive sometime in 2021. 

Fans and new players alike should expect to see a marked difference from the original, with cleaner graphics and an expended network of games and missions to complete as you prepare to rebuild the world of ancient Egypt. 

Until then, watch this space, and continue to explore the land of the Pharaohs and sphynxes pending your return to a new era of city builders. 

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