Should you rent a flat in London? What to do in the big city?

London is often touted as an amazing tourist destination – one of the top in the world, in fact.

However visiting and living there are 2 completely different things, so to answer the titular question – should you rent a flat in London?

The short answer is yes, but I know that’s not enough for you, so let’s dive into why you should and what you need to know.

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What To Do In London?

London is the cultural lifeblood of the UK. It’s a huge sprawling city with all sorts of places and people to visit.

You have areas such as Carnaby Road that is just brimming with history and culture. Although it has been somewhat modernized with new restaurants and shops, it still retains that classic atmosphere.

You can sit in one of their many eateries to take in the ambiance and admire the newly built pastel buildings or explore the boutiques to buy fashion from a bygone era, with many options sprawled about.

Complete with cobbled roads and classic buildings, this street is a perfect convergence of history and modernism.

There is also the Kew Gardens, touted as having the “largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections” around the globe.

You don’t even have to be a nature buff to enjoy this; the pure scenery and spectacle is enough to dazzle the most jaded amongst you.

This effect is only amplified during Christmas where no punches are held.

Kew Gardens brings out all the lights and illuminates the landscape, creating a real-life winter wonderland to frolic in with your friends and families.

These are just a few of the cultural highlights London offers, and this is without even mentioning the numerous pubs & wineries we have dotted all over.

Whether you are looking for a roaring good time or a tranquil pastime, we have something for every type of person.

London Landmarks

I know I said we aren’t focusing on the tourist attractions of London, but it would be criminal of me to discuss culture and spectacle without at least touching on these.

There is Buckingham Palace, home to our queen and the physical representation of our famous monarchy, present, and past.

A stone’s throw from this is Big Ben, another significant cultural icon, not just of London but of the UK as a whole.

For a more interactive experience, there is the London eye which, although has been recently dethroned, was once flaunted as ; the largest observation wheel in the world.’ 

Either way, it is still an excellent experience taking you up to heights of over 400 feet, allowing you to look down on most of the city at once.

Again, this is only a tiny sample of what the city truly has to offer.

What To Know About Renting Property

Hopefully, I have convinced you of London’s greatness, now the next question is what should you know about renting property in London.

The first thing you should be wary of is when you move in.

Demand for renting is highest in summer for a number of reasons, for example , parents may hold off moving until summer, so they don’t interfere with their children’s schooling, and students who have just finished their degrees may move to London looking for jobs and opportunities.

The point is this may seem like a tempting time, but if possible, avoid at all costs as all you will see are high prices and low availability, which isn’t good for anyone.

I suggest late winter/ early spring around February, March to avoid the mass demand.

If you MUST move in the summer months, then start searching as early as possible.

You also need to establish what room types and size you want. Are you give to live by yourself? Are you willing to take a roommate? Do you have a minimum bed/room size?

These are questions that, if you answer early on, will greatly quicken your search.

Establish early on what your non-negotiable factors are, and what you are willing to compromise on.

Furthermore, you can start thinking about the area you will move in to. 

It can be easy to say you want to live in Victoria or Canary Wharf or any of London’s most famous areas, but financially this isn’t the most ideal path.

London is quite integrated in that almost everywhere you need to go can be reached with an hour, 2 max.

Between driving, train and bus, nowhere within London is off-limits or obscenely far, so you can travel to areas like these instead of living there so perhaps research the less high profile areas like Clapham or Walworth.

Each area has its distinct characteristics, so I recommend doing good research on each area before making your decision.

A good starting point is Oasis Living. They have tons of properties to choose from and allow you to filter out your search, only showing you options that directly appeal to you.

They have 24/7 support that can help you with the renting process and even the decision-making.

Final Thoughts

London is a beautiful city, not just to look at but to live in and be absorbed by its community and way of life, so what are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for? Visit Oasis Living and make the first step towards a better living!

Author bio: My name is Tobias. I am a student at, studying for a Business Management & Marketing degree. I want to develop my writing, social media skills and all-around abilities outside of education.

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