Matt Pribonic

Why it is dangerous to think small with Matt Pribonic

Matt Pribonic

Matt Pribonic, the Vice President of 5 companies in Erie, Pennsylvania; iRock Fitness, FitnessU, Creative Learning Childcare, Iron Oxygen Fitness, and Level Red Boxing joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio.  His fitness and family based companies now employ over 200 people.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Matt Pribonic discuss the following:

  • What are some similarities in the fitness industry to other businesses in america?
  • How much motivation, study and continuing education is required to have an edge?
  • How do you know if making a move in your business is right and if it’s the right timing?
  • Why is it dangerous to think small when It comes to your business in our current economy?
  • What do businesses need to do different now compared to 10 even 5 years ago to thrive?

Matt Pribonic is creator and Vice President of 5 companies in Erie Pennsylvania, iRock Fitness, FitnessU and Creative Learning Childcare, Iron Oxygen Fitness, and Level Red Boxing. His companies have sprouted from a 3,000 sq. ft. plaza start up start up on the back of the economic fallout of 2008 to a bustling 60,000 square feet multi company operation and 2 new companies of 5,000 members plus. Currently all 5 companies employ over 200 people.

Originally from Erie, Matt spent 2001-2009 in S. Florida. Working for major companies then beginning a series of small service businesses. He relocated back to Erie after the wrath of the economic crisis crippled the economic landscape of S. Florida.

High school athlete, academic underachiever and college dropout turned leading industry professional Matt believes in hard work and forward thinking. His story represents true entrepreneurial successes through hard work, creativity and integrity. Today, Matt has begun training and motivating local sales teams and company leaders with an emphasis on sales and marketing strategies.

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