Why CNN is Stealing Your Soul

Edgy Conversations: Episode 3

Have you read every best selling business book in the last thirteen-and-a-half years and still feel like there’s something missing?

Like no matter how many times you step through the guaranteed success road map you just read about that you never really feel satisfied.  It’s like your dreams are a mirage.  Your destiny is always another 12 months away.

Your problem might be CNN.

No.  Not Anderson Cooper, Larry King, or Nancy Grace.

It’s the entire news-delivery business.  The 7 o’clock news, the 11PM final cut, and the all the weekend special editions in between.  It’s Fox News, CBS, and the Huffington Post political column.

It’s the populist sensationalism assaulting your senses and distracting you from your real purpose in life.

The “news” is on a crash course with your destiny and silently snuffing out your dreams for outrageous success…

You may not have thought about it before, but here are a few things to consider:

1.  You always end up being the victim.

Ever wonder why you can’t wind up the news feeling anything less than slightly disgusted and completely compelled to jump off the nearest bridge?  Sure you weren’t the person the story was about.  You weren’t defrauded, exploited, or physically harmed.  But for some reason you’re emotionally drained.  You’re distracted.  You’re decidedly passionate about esoteric talking points crafted for melodramatic mass impact.  An impact that destroys your dream in the process.

2.  The drama masks the needs for massive amounts of effort.

The sensationalism of every news delivery passively coerces us to think that getting luck or just working smarter are still viable success platforms in 2010.  They’re not.  After the worst economic marketplace in more then eight decades, you would expect that effort output would be at an all-time high.  And yet despite the frantic demand for obsessive focus on mind-bending mental equity and physical investment, we find ourselves depressed and de-motivated.    The antidote is activity.

3. You are never the winner in any possible scenario.

Left. Right. Risky. Conservative.  Whatever side you take, you end up the loser.  Sure you may side with the majority. And for a few moments you’re sure to get a surge of adrenaline from feeling like you’re leading the cause for fairness.  But you lose.  The only ones who win are the commentators.  Meanwhile our dreams get left unfulfilled while we battle over opinions.

We have to change.  The damage is dramatic.  It’s the ultimate in self-sabotage.

We cripple our inspiration with the populist sensationalism of unapologetic argumentation.  We trade away our passion in the fight to be right instead of examining our motivations for changing the world around us.

And slowly as we look for that extra effort needed to nurture the very seeds of our destiny, we stand soulless, heartless.  Without the raw guts to realize the possibilities of an unlimited cosmos.

Stop betraying your destiny, dreams, and business acumen for a passionately-stated opinion.

You’ll find your 30 pieces of emotional silver hardly worth the loss.

by Dan Waldschmidt

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