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Why Are Spinal Injuries So Common In Trucking Accidents, And What Are Those Who Are Injured Entitled To?

Posted: January 6, 2018 at 9:05 am / by / comments (0)

Trucking accidents tend to differ from automobile accidents in severity. This is mostly because of the weight that trucks carry and the hazards that they can transport. When it comes to a trucking accident, the injuries and damages are typically more critical and life-altering. The most common types of spinal injuries that people suffer when they are in a trucking accident can affect their functionality for a lifetime, which is why it is important to seek medical attention immediately and to understand what you are entitled to when you are in an accident with a truck.

The average truck can weigh anywhere from 60-70,000 pounds or more than the average car on the road. So when a truck is in an accident, it is easy to see why the automobile driver is at a severe disadvantage. Those in cars usually sustain most of the injuries in a trucking accident, and those injuries are usually pretty serious. The most common injuries sustained involve the back and the neck. Ranging from whiplash to complete paralysis, most trucking accident victims require medical assistance for issues that can be lifelong and disabling. In cases like this, you may want to consider getting acheap semi truck insurance.

Spinal injuries

There are many ways that the spine and neck can be affected in an accident. The most common injuries are:

Herniated disc: A herniated disc causes a tear to the disc between the vertebrae that can lead to spinal fluid leaking into the spinal canal. If you have a herniated disc, it can lead to disability and chronic pain that may be hard to treat. The symptoms of a herniated disc are intense and sharp pain radiating from your shoulder, down your arm, tingling in the arms and fingers, muscle cramps, or tightening of the muscles around your spine. The treatment for a herniated disc is long and involved and sometimes unsuccessful.

Fractured vertebrae: When it comes to spinal fractures, automobile accidents are the most common source. As they typically only need a brace, the fracture should heal – but it can have lasting effects on your future.

Pinched nerve: When you have a pinched nerve in your back or neck, it is when there is a nerve that is pinched in the spinal column that can lead to weakness, numbness, tingling or a combination of all three. At times extremely painful, a pinched nerve is difficult to treat.

Bulging disc: Sometimes called a protruding or a bulging disc, this happens when the disc between the vertebrae protrudes outward through the spine. Although a disc can slip out of place for many reasons, when you are in an accident, the force that your body is subjected to usually ends in discs being jostled. The symptoms of a bulging disc are muscle spasms, tingling in the neck, arms, and shoulders, and radiating pain that can either go down through your legs or sometimes radiate up to your stomach or chest, depending on where the disc is bulging.

The hardships of treating back injuries

A back or neck injury can range from minor to severe, but in most instances, there is no quick fix for injuries from a trucking accident. Sometimes the patient will require extensive rehabilitation, and other times they might need corrective surgery. Depending on the severity and location of the injury, someone with a back injury may be incapable of functioning as they did before the accident and often cannot return to work.

If you sustain a back injury in a trucking accident, it is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately. Not only will you want to provide proof of causation, but sometimes what initially seems like a minor injury to your back or spine can become major over time. That is why it is crucial to seek the right medical professionals and get the necessary tests to minimize the damage that you experience. You will also want to consult with Law offices of Hugh Howerton and a truck accident lawyer who specializes in trucking accidents who can help you get all that you are entitled to for both your economic and noneconomic damages.

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