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Why An Electric Scooter is Good for Commuting

Posted: February 18, 2021 at 1:38 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ever experienced running late for work, then seeing an electric scooter rider zip past you? Considering how all the rage electric scooters are these days, you are likely to say yes. Every passing day, you walk down the busy so you will not be late for work. And just as often, you see those electstreets of the city during rush hour, hoping to get to the bus stop on time ric scooter riders zipping around with their e-rides to get to work. Are electric scooters legal in the UK? The answer is yes. E-scooters are becoming more common on UK’s roads. Seen as a sustainable alternative to car travel they are being backed by governments across the globe as a means to tackle congestion and reduce carbon emissions in towns and cities.

Photo by Denniz Futalan from Pexels

With more and more people shifting to electric scooters as their mode of transportation, you are probably already thinking whether you should also buy one for yourself. If you’re having second thoughts about purchasing an electric scooter, this article got you covered. 

Read on and discover the reasons why an electric scooter is your best option for commuting.

It is fun to use

Admit it. As a grown-up, you love doing things that make you feel like a kid again. An electric scooter can give you that feeling and more. Electric scooters do not only have a “cool” factor, but they also let you zip around the streets with a speed of up to 40mph! They are so fun to use that everyone who sees you getting around with your e-scooter would wish they were riding a scooter, too!

It is convenient

There is a good reason why people call traveling from the metro station to your home and vice-versa the “Last Mile Problem.” Nowadays, you can no longer depend on public transport to take you where exactly you need to go and unfortunately, time constraints often don’t make walking your way to that place the quickest way to get there. Good thing there are electric scooters to let you get to where exactly you need to be without a hitch. Whether you are cruising around the city or going on a trip, these e-rides are so convenient to use and very easy to carry. Today, nothing makes getting to and from places a whole lot easier than by riding an electric scooter!

It is portable 

One of the best things about electric scooters is that people can easily pack them up and take them anywhere. That is why if you are looking for an alternative mode of transport that is compact enough to bring anywhere, an electric scooter is the way to go. While an electric bike is also a convenient way to commute, it is not as portable as an e-scooter, which you can easily take with you should you need to ride a train or bus. You wouldn’t believe how incredibly portable this e-ride is—If you want to bring it with you on an airplane, all you have to do is fold it up and carry it.

You have a wide range of options

Once you break into the world of electric scooters, you will be amazed how there is a whole host of options for your different needs. Whether you are looking for an e-scooter that can offer you an incredibly quick ride to and from work or one that is lightweight, you will certainly find one that perfectly matches your style. Electric scooters come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and features, with some even including a full seat, a standing board, and a space for cargo! If you are the type who loves dropping by the grocery store to buy some stuff after work, you can go for an e-scooter that comes with a cargo area. If you are the type who can’t keep standing for long, choose one that comes with a full seat. Regardless of your commuting needs, you will find an electric scooter that will perfectly work for you.  

It is environment-friendly

There is a lot to be said about how good electric scooters are for the environment. Not so many commuters are conscious about the carbon footprint they leave to the environment each time they commute, but if you are one of the few who love Mother Nature enough to seek a more eco-friendly mode of transport, an electric scooter will surely fit the bill. This e-ride lets you get around the city without emissions that can cause harm to the environment. Since it is free of oil and gas, it offers a clean option for commuting daily and does not carry the same maintenance costs needed by cars and other bigger vehicles. So if you are living in an urban community, an electric scooter is not only your greenest option but also your most cost-efficient option for commuting.

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