Which social media channel is right for your business

Julia Taine ePodcast

Julia Taine, Executive Director of Vent2Me, a full-service marketing agency helping small/medium sized businesses achieve their goals joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & Julia Taine guest discuss the following:

  • What marketing trends should I be aware of in 2015?
  • Which social media channel is right for my business?
  • How do I measure the effectiveness of my marketing campaign?
  • How much should I be spending on marketing?
  • How does a business best grow their brand?

Duration: 23:20

Described as  a mover and a shaker. Julia Taine’s  sees a niche in an industry, and takes it, by making it her own. Julia started Vent2Me, because people she knew were struggling with their online presence and their digital strategies. Julia knew she could help these people, and so here she is today.

With a marketing and an educational background, Julia has a head for business, and a stubbornness to succeed. She brings these personal qualities to all of her clients, to make sure they succeed too.

She was challenged by previous employers, who did not think she would succeed because of her gender, personality and more. And yet here she is, with beginnings in 2011, Julia and her company Vent2Me is triumphant, helping other businesses overcome their own challenges.

An honest and transparent person. When you meet Julia, you meet the real thing. It is this transparency at all levels that her clients like best about her, and as such, most of her work comes from word-of-mouth referrals.

“Vent2Me is a part of me, it is important to me, just as your business is important to you. I understand that, wholeheartedly, and it is this personal service which makes me a better choice than those businesses who treat you like a number.” – Julia Taine, Executive Director Vent2Me

In an industry and environment which is growing so rapidly, it is the personal touches, and connections which make my clients feel valued, and important as a business owner.

And this growth is leading to speaking engagements and more educational opportunities.  She is being recognised as a leader in her field, and someone people can rely on for answers, honesty and success.

Forget the norm. Be unforgettable.


Website: www.vent2me.com.au

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