Where to collaborate in order to improve your SEO

Having a website that is well optimized for search is very important if you want to ensure that the people who are meant to find your site are able to do so. It is true that search traffic is one of just many ways of acquiring users; others include return users, referral traffic and bought traffic – but organic searches are generally considered the cheapest and best way to acquire users. But how do you go about getting the audience that you want? The key is to collaborate and partner with others. And if you are not sure where you should be forging partnerships, then here are a few ideas.

Search experts

Optimizing your site for search is not an easy task. It is one of those things where a little bit of knowledge can take you quite far, but sadly not far enough. The reality is that it is now a specialist arena and you need to find experts in the field. It just so happens that they are easy to find as well. Use a search engine and see who comes out top of the list when you type something like ‘SEO agency Sydney’ in the search field. The company that comes out top are the people who have optimised their own site best – call them and get talking.  

Similar sites

Find sites that have similar needs to yours and where there are opportunities to collaborate. Propose link swaps and you will both win. Ideally it should be with a site that is in an associated field to yours but not identical. Also, remember that links on sites need to be integrated in such a way that it appears natural. So, having a blog on your site is always a good idea because it means that you have a place to hold regularly updated content and links in stories that will refer to other sites. 

Your own network

If you have a network of sites, then use that to your advantage. Make sure that you are working your assets to the max to the benefit of the greater whole. Remember that links from sites with high domain authorities get you a better score on Google and other platforms. So, without overdoing it, place links smartly across the network and see how it benefits you.


If your website is used to sell products or services, offer some samples to blogs in exchange for reviews and links. If you need links form Melbourne, you may also contact people from SEO agency Melbourne, they may help. The size of the sites that you partner with do matter, but not overly. It is better to have a lot of links referring to your site from small sites than none at all. And often people who run blogs or one-man-shows are keen for content and samples. You could even offer to write the review for them, all that you need from their side is a commitment that they will place the content and leave it on the site for as long as possible – ideally for ever.

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