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Where To Buy OSRS Gold Safely

Posted: February 13, 2021 at 7:26 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The most common question that RuneScape players ask us is where to buy safe OSRS gold from? It’s not surprising since having enough gold in the game is vital to anyone’s RuneScape journey. Old School RuneScape gold or OSRS GP allows players to buy items and equipment, train their character’s skills, and in some cases, make a profit from playing the game.

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Unfortunately, real-world trading is frowned upon by Jagex and one should be extremely cautious when buying gold online. Players have been banned for engaging in this type of activity so it’s not that surprising that many are afraid to buy gold online. The good news is we’re here to help you identify the best place to buy OSRS gold safely without risking your account’s safety.

Online Marketplaces

When it comes to buying OSRS gold online the most famous marketplace on the Internet for it is eBay. You can buy your gold from eBay but we have to warn you that it might not be the best place to source your gold reserve. eBay doesn’t guarantee that the seller you choose will deliver your order or that you will be getting legal OSRS gold that’ll save you from the wrath of Jagex.

Also, there are not that many OSRS gold sellers at eBay so you have limited options and those options may not be that compelled to deliver your order on time or offer good pricing since they are the only ones selling OSRS gold there.

RuneScape Gold Sites

A great place to buy safe OSRS gold is through RuneScape gold sites. These sites are dedicated to helping you with your RS gold needs and depending on which site you select; you can get the most value for your money through them.

Most of these sites get their gold from farmers and then sell it to their customers at a price they deemed worthy of all the troubles of trading the gold to you. Basically, they act as a middleman to cater to your gold needs.

The best thing about going with established RuneScape sites is you don’t have to worry about getting scammed unless the site itself is shady. One way to avoid this is by simply checking the customer reviews before placing your gold order with them.

Another great thing about some RuneScape gold selling sites is they also sell other RuneScape products or service that can be useful in developing your character like acquiring infernal or fire capes for you, completing quests on your behalf, or finishing a minigame so you can get the rewards at the end of each game.


Forums are littered with private sellers that opt to advertise their RuneScape gold on gaming forums. Similar to eBay, forums offer no to little protection against scammers. The edge you have with going to forums is that most forum moderators take their jobs seriously and will take action to remove sellers who are flagged as scammers by forum users.

However, unlike RuneScape gold sites it might be hard for you to check customer reviews received by sellers on RuneScape-related forums.

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