Alefiya Bhatia

When Education and Technology Collide

Alefiya Bhatia

Alefiya Bhatia, Founder and President of education-technology company Crescerance joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the importance of utilizing technology in education.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Alefiya Bhatia discuss the following:

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself and Crescerance.
  • What pursued you to start Crescerance?
  • You have two programs under Crescerance, MAD-learn and Embr, can you describe what each program is?
  • What benefits have you seen come out of these programs?
  • Where do you see the future of technology and education going?

Alefiya Bhatia believes that involved communities result in higher academic and social outcomes, stronger values, and increased future success for students (in education) and for members (in nonprofits). Her degree in psychology and education from Emory University, along with her training as a Montessori teacher and experiences as a Montessori child, power her passion for wide-scale education improvement.

In the early years of her career, Alefiya spent time working in both the classroom and as a school administrator in several Atlanta-area schools. She was also part of the founding team of the Atlanta-area chapter of Child Rights and You, non-profit organization committed to addressing the root causes of illiteracy, poverty, discrimination and exploitation. She now serves on the Board of an early childhood institution in an underserved Atlanta area, Grow Montessori School.

As both an educator and a member of several nonprofit organizations, Alefiya recognized that it is not always easy for parents to stay constantly engaged in their child’s education, nor is it easy for nonprofit volunteers to be as involved with their causes as they would like to be. In 2011 Alefiya founded Crescerance to help educational institutions give their parents, alumni, staff, students and prospective students/parents everything they need to know about their schools into the palms of their hands.

In Crescerance’s short lifespan of just over two years, Alefiya has enabled hundreds of educational institutions in America and throughout the world to better communicate with and engage their communities through the growing power of mobile. Alefiya is passionate about making mobile an easily available and powerful channel to thousands of schools and students worldwide. Nothing inspires her more than students stepping out of their comfort zone and out of the box to share ideas, solve problems, and make change happen.



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