What to look for in a production company

Videos are a part of your life. Much of it, no matter what you do, where you go, you want to learn or find out. Whether you’re streaming it or using video on demand.

From both user’s and viewer’s or content provider’s perspectives, it is clear that there must be no failures in such broad competition.

Was it, from the beginnings of this industry, enough to have a good idea, or was performance and production crucial? Of course, this was a rhetorical question, there is no need to point out how necessary it is for the content to be superbly produced.

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A production company is responsible for developing and filming a specific production or media broadcast.

It could be movie or TV production, commercial, corporate or product video, customer testimonial, educational video… any event coverage like a personal or ceremonial wedding video.

If you want the videos that are part of your projects to perform and look good, you need to choose your partner. These are the main things you need to pay attention to.

Have such projects already involved the company

A successful project requires a certain level of experience, say production experts from 7 Production Broadcasting Solutions. Make sure the production company has the experience needed for a successful realization. Consider all the circumstances surrounding the project. For example, has the company completed any project under similar circumstances in a given region?

What types of clients does the company deal with

Is the list of production company references a place where you would like to see your company? How much does the client profile say about the company you are considering hiring? No, this is not a matter of vanity or prestige. The list of companies that are long-term partners and returning customers can tell you a lot.

Does the company have the resources to do the job

Some companies rely on their resources. But, many rely almost only on subcontractors and rentals. The fact that the company has its resources says a lot about it and its plans and activities.

Are they willing to listen and understand you

An experienced production company will do its best to understand well what your needs are. They might even positively surprise you. This shows the commitment to long-term cooperation.

Is the company ready to meet all the requirements required by the project

The project can be particular in terms of regulations and cultural specifics. If they are trying to make sure that the project meets all local legal and other requirements,  you know that they can deliver.

Is the communication clear and concise, going in both directions

Production companies sometimes have their way of doing things and a system in which customer needs need to fit. If something in your company is not a problem, there is no need to waste time and money with this partner.

Attitude is very important

It can always happen that there must be some sudden changes during planning or implementation. Pay attention to the attitude in the company during the negotiations. It will tell you a lot about what can you expect if they need to react during the project.

Don’t forget the creativity

High demand and mass production have brought large amounts of generic content. Creativity means that they might be in front of you (it’s their industry after all) and have suggestions. Be careful but also brave. In the end, courage and determination got you where you are.

Is the price what you expected and planned

As always, make sure that the size of your budget and the ambition of your project walk hand in hand. Sometimes there is no way to reduce costs and meet project needs. That gives another opportunity to assess whether there is will and ability on the other side.

Special wishes and personal data protection

In advance, you need to make sure that, if it is an event that concerns your family, friends or business partners, there must be a limit to privacy.  Your personal and business matters should remain that way.

Take the time to look at what the final works look like

If all the things so far are satisfactory, before you finally say yes, take the extra time. Take a look at the recent work of the production company. And then say yes. Whether it is a matter of need or prestige, when hiring a production company, do not hesitate to ask questions.

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