What Is SEO?

You’ve likely heard the term “SEO” before. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing tactic that businesses use to make themselves more digitally visible. Properly leveraging SEO can give your business a strong competitive edge. It’s important to understand some of the basic principles before you immerse yourself in this facet of digital marketing.

How SEO Works

A good portion of SEO is reliant upon keywords. Keywords and keyphrases are the terms that searchers type into various search engines. Businesses can then use SEO to scope out the top position on a search engine results page. The question is how to use these words and phrases to your best advantage. That comes from both link building and content optimization.

Building Your Links

Search engines like Google rely on something called “anchor text” and the attached hyperlinks to determine the value of various webpages. Anchor text, for the uninitiated, is the highlighted link that appears on certain words and phrases on a webpage. Anchor text needs to be appropriately selected to let a search engine understand the meaning of a link.

Optimizing Content

There’s a fine balance when it comes to webpage content. You can’t have your targeted keywords and phrases appear too sparsely throughout your content but you also can’t use a bad practice called “keyword stuffing.” This means over-placing keywords throughout all of your content, typically in a manner that is either nonsensical to the reader.

Need Help?

Optimizing your own website likely sounds like a bit of a heavy lift. That’s because, in many cases, it is. For many business owners, it’s simply impossible to do it all yourselves. Luckily, there are companies and services that operate strictly to help other businesses boost their SEO potential.

Choosing an SEO Service

For marketing companies, sites like whitelabelseoreseller.com do the heavy lifting when it comes to link building. You can then use the services that they provide under your own brand. By doing so, you’re removing the strain of navigating link building from your internal business plan.

Make It White Label

Outsourcing SEO to a white-label service helps ensure you won’t get penalized by Google and other search engines. It makes it so you can focus your entrepreneurial efforts elsewhere. It’s a great option for digital marketing agencies and SEO resellers that need that extra bit of assistance.

Final Slide:

Understanding SEO can only help your business. If you’re not leveraging search engine optimization to the best of your abilities, you’re risking being outpaced by your competitors and losing your footing in your target market. Making yourself easier to find online is the key to ongoing growth and business development so don’t let yourself fall behind.

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