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What is an executive business coach?

Posted: December 16, 2020 at 2:26 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Being called an executive manager or being the executive holds a great responsibility. You will be the one in charge of leading your company towards success. Even though they are already considered leaders, they are still not perfect and can still commit errors. But who would give guidance to a person who is superior to most of the people in the company? The answer would lie in professionals that offer courses dedicated to developing your executive presence, or commonly called executive coaches.

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What is an executive business coach?

An executive coach is not just an ordinary coach. They are considered as qualified professionals. They help their clients gain back self and social awareness, achieve their objectives, unlock hidden potentials, and help them achieve their goals and objectives. Most executive coaches have a consultant or therapist background. That is why they know how to handle a person, executive manager, or not. Executive business coaching is a type of coaching made specifically for executive managers and CEO, wherein the coaches will provide guidance and advice to help them grow. 

What do they do?

 An executive business coach avoids giving their clients a solution or an answer to their problems. Instead, they have different methods that would eventually let their clients realize what would be the proper solution to their problems, such as asking some questions or clarifications. They also serve as a supportive header to their clients and keep confidentiality in their conversations. They challenge some assumptions and offer advice when the client gives them consent. They will do everything to develop and mold their clients into a better executive manager.

3 examples of how an executive business coach to help leaders to grow

1. Reunite clients with themselves

This may look like an easy job, but this is a fundamental goal to accomplish. It is proven by research that most managers tend to lose touch with their selves when they are stressed or when they are having a hell-week. A leader who has self-awareness can organize every aspect of their job effectively. Self-awareness will allow managers to organize goals to do well and manage their employees productively.  

Gaining back the client’s self-awareness will also enable them to clearly see themselves, which means that they would have a more precise grasp of their strengths and weaknesses. They would know when to pursue a project or when to quit. This will also allow clients to know which aspects are they strong at or needs improvement. Managers can do all of these by themselves, but seeing and knowing these from another person’s perspective, such as your executive coach, would give you a fair judgment.  

2. Help build a relationship with the client’s employees

This may be a common problem for most leaders and managers of a company. Managers sometimes lack assessments of those around them. This may result in losing good employees who were not recognized and supported because they lack interaction. Most managers don’t interact because of superiority. They tend to reject accepting opinions and underappreciate the capabilities of their employees. An executive business coach will remove that mindset to their clients and help them look at things neutrally.

3. Remind the client of his/her strengths

An executive business coach will also remind their clients of their capabilities and strengths. Managers also tend to get insecure with other excellent and powerful leaders, which loses their self-trust and self-confidence. The coach will then remind their clients of the achievements that they already accomplished. They will also remind them of their strengths that they are underestimating to help regain the trust and confidence back to themselves. 

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