What football players make the most money?

The world has come to a point where footballers earn more than $100,000 per week, let alone the sponsorship deals added to their salary. Football amounts to be a lucrative field that is widely viewed by people from all across the world. Football clubs are hellbent into paying their football players more than a decent amount to get the best talents into their team. It is because of the general rule of supply and demand owing to these clubs generating high revenues to own valuable football players like Messi and Ronaldo. Being a trendy sport, football has the highest-paid players as there are not many talented players being generated. The few estimates are selectively given high sums and are preserved. SBOBET has released a list of the top highest-earning 100 athletes for the year 2020 which includes the players from the realm of football in order.

Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo has displaced Messi to the spot of the highest-earning footballer in the new Forbes list. Juventus glory owns the second spot in the top 100 list in the year 2020 has led to an uproar as he took Lionel Messi’s place of being the highest-paid football player of all time. The Serie A club forward player is also the captain of the National team of Portugal. He takes back home $105 million ($60 million in salary and $45 million sponsorships and endorsements.) Ronaldo joined Juventus in 2018 after being with Real Madrid for nine years. He also earns from sources including a hotel and a museum of his life.

  • Lionel Messi

The king has lent his spot to Ronaldo by a margin. Being paid $104 million, his salary is higher than Ronaldo, earning $72 million and getting endorsements worth $32 million. The Argentinian star plays forward and is a captain to both the Argentina national team as well as Barcelona. His wages have been reduced due to the coronavirus situation. Messi has been awarded the European Golden Shoe for top scorer and the FIFA’s Player of the Year for a record six times. With a lifelong deal with Adidas, he also earns usually over $80 million annually from Barcelona. 

  • Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

This Paris Saint-German player receives an annual salary of $70.5 million in addition to $25 million endorsements. The Brazilian footballer was previously in Barcelona. Neymar is considered to be the second most famous athlete on several social media platforms with combined followers counting up to 244 million across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He is tied in endorsements with brands like Nike.

  • Mohamed Salah

The Liverpool player has made a booming entry and has ever since been a famous footballer, ranking 34th in Forbes list of the highest-paid footballers. Salah earns a salary of $23.1 million as well as endorsements worth $12 million. He is linked to brands like Adidas, DHL, Vodafone USD, etc.

  • Kylian Mbappe

Another PSG player receives $33.8 million ($20.8 million in salary and $13 million for endorsements.) Mbappe was only 19 when he scored in the World Cup, the youngest after Pele. He is involved in approvals with brands like Nike, Hublot, etc.

Football, ever since the 1990s has grown to be a big part of the world economy. As a global sport, football is considered as the most played and viewed sport all across the earth. You can watch the best moments of the matches in the football highlights section on Buaksib. It is not a surprise element to us that some of our highest-paid athletes, according to the Forbes list, are our football players.

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