What Do SEO Agencies Actually Do?

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If you are the owner of an SME, you may have already tried developing and implementing your own digital strategy for budgetary reasons. But what few business owners realise is that you don’t necessarily need to fork out thousands of dollars on an ongoing basis to benefit from the power of SEO. You could hire an SEO services Australia expert for an hourly consultation from anywhere between $60 – $200/hour, or you could invest in a one-off project with an SEO agency costing between $5000 and $10,000. It is entirely up to business owners, their budgets and their business goals. But before even considering investing any sum of money into an external SEO agency, it is a good idea to understand which services SEO agencies can offer clients. Here are just some of the areas where SEO agencies are able to help:

Help You Strategise For Success

Perhaps the most important part of creating a digital marketing strategy is figuring out what it is exactly that you hope to achieve. After all, simply “having a great digital strategy” isn’t the end goal of investing in a campaign. Are you trying to connect more closely with existing audiences? Find new audiences? Increase conversions? Enhance your business reputation, or improve your e-commerce capacities? What are you already doing to target which keyword themes, and who exactly do you want your audience to be? These are all questions that are important to consider when developing a winning strategy or campaign, and SEO agencies can help you answer them. 

Conduct Website Audits

Before anything else, SEO agencies can help brands by conducting thorough website audits – identifying where they are succeeding and where they are struggling, which links are effective and which links or content is dragging a website down. Often conducted via webcam and display capture, a website audit is step one to figuring out what needs fixing on a brand’s website. 

Help With On and Off-page SEO

SEO agencies focus mostly on fixing up the structural elements of a website and ensuring they are user-friendly and properly optimised. Depending on what comes up in the website audit, this could require a few hours of work or many months of work. Replacing slow-loading content is an example of something an agency might do to improve on-page SEO, alongside proper use of header tags, mobile responsiveness, and properly implemented 301 Directs. Off-page SEO refers to external link building, outreach, and anything else that brands can’t directly control through their website.

Content Creation

Many agencies now work with PR partners and content creators to help brands develop and publish relevant, engaging content filled with the right keywords to increase their SEO as well as enough links to promote the content as authentic. This takes the pressure off, especially if a brand isn’t confident with its content creation abilities.

Keyword Research

This is a biggie. You may have initially thought that ‘auto sales’ was the best keyword for your auto dealer business, for example, but research shows that ‘buy a used car’ is in fact the most popular search term used by people searching for a car to buy. SEO agencies can take of this aspect of digital marketing by taking search volume, level of competition, and user intent into account to establish which the best search queries are for your brand. 

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