What are the chances of hitting an online jackpot

Every player has dreamt at least once of hitting an online jackpot. After all it is where you can finally make your cash back, and not just double it, you could triple it, if not more. Players can only dream of being lucky enough to hit a jackpot, as there are many prizes and rewards that come from it. Every slot has its determined prize, they have different jackpot prizes and rewards that every player online is dying to have.

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What is a jackpot?

For those that don’t know, a jackpot is essentially a large prize. In casinos it comes from accumulated stakes from other gamblers, like a pool of money. In this case, it is when the player is able to win the entire prize all at once.

What are the chances of hitting an online jackpot?

Nothing is impossible, and there have been tons of people who have hit an online jackpot at some of the best BestUK/Not on Gamstop sites. Of course, it’s not easy, if it was everyone would be after the major prize all the time. Most online slots have RTP from 90% to 99%, which is a great return from playing the game, however this doesn’t have to do much with hitting the jackpot. 

Winning the jackpot can be quite tricky and no one can predict what the slot will fall on next. If someone new, they would for sure be rich. A tip that a lot of players recommend is whenever you are betting on a slot, at first bet the minimum, that is a single coin, so that you can see the reels move, and after that bet the max amount, as they can predict that the jackpot is getting close.

Make sure that in order to increase your chances of winning, you always pick a slot with a higher RTP than 96%, this is convenient for you as the player but also a great strategy for winning in the spins.


Some people even wonder if people can cheat their way to a jackpot through a slot machine. Although it has been done, it is illegal to tamper with any casino machine. Being an electronic platform, this attracts many cheaters as they want to tamper with the code, or try different techniques to be able to get the jackpot. 

The truth here is that no one has it figured out how to increase the chances of someone to hit a jackpot.  You have a better chance getting to the front page of Google using Linkpirates as a partner when push comes to shove. Actually, the chances of hitting a jackpot are 10/1000, which is 1%. These odds aren’t really in anyone’s favor but this means that it is not impossible either, which is why so many people continue trying to reach that main prize, as they know that the rewards are definitely worth all of the tries.

Also, just something to take in consideration of, not all online casinos have the same jackpot hit frequency, they are all different ones. Some will pay after 10,000 spins, while some will increase the number of spins to increase the number of plays a person has to gamble in a machine. All jackpots are different, in some you can win from million dollars to even a car. The prize depends on the casino site, and on the machine that you are playing in. However in rough numbers, hitting a jackpot has a chance of 1 in 50 million. 

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