What are the best magazine subscriptions?

There is something to be said about having a magazine in your hands. In day and age when everything is so clean and clinical, with people looking at screens every waking moment of their days, there comes a certain comfort in turning pages on a magazine and feeling the glossy paper and ink on your hands. Finding a good magazine subscription is a great way to remember a forgotten age of hard hitting journalism and reporting that’s been lost to an era of clickbait and YouTube algorithms designed to enrage and provoke. 

When looking at the best magazine subscription options out there you could have many different fields of interest. Sports illustrated is of course the gold standard for sports coverage while Time has been a pillar of American political and news reporting for nearly a century. There are countless options to find information about any hobby or interest you could be seeking out knowledge on. Cooking and lifestyle magazines fill the shelves at stores to tell you how to bake a great cake or lose weight from all the cake eating you’ve done. 

Hustler magazine has been the home of scathing political commentary and at the forefront of exploring sexuality in a raw and honest form. Larry Flynn has poked fun at political leaders in America for decades while pushing his populist agenda.  A Hustler magazine subscription is in many ways a magazine for the working man and speaks to his world view of how society views him and seeks to belittle those striving to get ahead in an ever changing and complicated world. 

Hustler has never shied away from being a pornographic magazine. It knows what the driving force behind what it’s customer base is but this doesn’t stop it from providing people with far more than just pictures of beautiful naked women. The old saying of reading playboy for the articles was clearly a joke while with Hustler there is real content for people to educate and inform themselves with. Hustler magazine doesn’t pull any punches when dealing with the global elites and the people lying to us day in and day out in the media. Speaking truth to power is one of the driving principles of Hustler, a principle that ended up having them be taken all the way to the Supreme Court in a lawsuit by Jerry Falwell. In the end all the judges on the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hustler and the First amendment’s right to protect the free speech of all citizens of the United States of America. 

No matter if you’re just looking for sexy photos or seeking out cutting edge commentary about the events that shape our world Hustler magazine will give you more bang for your buck than just about any other publication out there. No matter what your views of the world are you’ll find the reporting of Hustler to be engaging and insightful. This is no run of the mill publication. This is a magazine that challenges and educates while it excites. 

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