4 Ways to Brand Your Business

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Make no mistake about it; one of the most valuable assets that your business owns is its brand. If utilised correctly, it has the ability to transform your company’s advertising fortunes and help it to really solidify its place in the market.

If your brand is to facilitate the successful growth and scaling of your business, it’s important that it is memorable, consistent and on-trend. Anything less, and your brand will end up doing your company more harm than good.

Here are four ways you should currently be branding your business:

Move into An On-Brand Workspace

Your workspace need not just be a practical area in which your daily operations take place. If used correctly, this space can also be used as a weapon in your bid to brand your business.

If you regularly invite clients/partners to your workspace, you should be striving to ensure that its location, decor and layout are all on-brand. First and foremost, this means moving your business to a geographical location in which its specific market/industry is thriving — if you own an organisation in the accountancy sector, for instance, this would mean moving into London private offices or somewhere else financial culture is booming. Branding your company in this way will make your customers aware of the type of service that you offer before they even go into business with you.

Wear On-Brand Clothing

Similarly, another great way to brand your business in a physical and practical sense is to wear on-brand clothing. By ensuring that the entirety of your workforce wears your trademark colours or styles, you will find it much easier to showcase branded solidarity across the board. What’s more, this will help customers to distinguish between your staff members and the workers that are employed by your competitors.

Create a Google MyBusiness Account

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar company or whether you operate an online store, your business’s brand will be sure to benefit from you creating a Google MyBusiness account. This will allow you to list your company on both Google Maps and Google Search for absolutely nothing. The end result? You’re making it easier for your customers to discover your business without them, or you, having to pay for the privilege.

Hand Out Business Cards

Despite the rise of digital marketing, business cards still have a massive role to play when it comes to branding. They have managed to stand the test of time simply because they act as a constant reminder of everything a company can offer — even if they’re half the world away, a customer can look in their wallet, find the business card they have been carrying, and instantly be reminded of everything that particular organisation can do for them.

To ensure that the business cards you hand out are as effective as they can be, you should make sure that:

  • They have relevant contact information printed on them
  • They summarise what your business does in a few words/sentences
  • They encapsulate and communicate the overall tone of your company
  • They are durable, i.e., they do not quickly become worn or tired-looking

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