What Are the Benefits of Multichannel Selling Across Marketplaces?

Anyone who shops often on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay knows that many of the merchants they deal with also have their own personal store online or locally in a brick and mortar shop. Either way, there are a number of benefits to multichannel selling across marketplaces and this is why new merchants are popping up every day. If you are interested in listing your merchandise in various marketplaces, it really pays to understand the benefits of doing so.

Exposure Is the Key Benefit

Even though you have probably spent a lot of time, money and effort building your own website, the truth is that marketing strategies don’t generate tons of traffic overnight. If you are lucky and hit the right keywords with the right amount of competition, you may get high ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) but that takes time as well. 

When you list a variety of your products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay with literally hundreds of millions of visitors each and everyday around the globe, you get that much more exposure. With a link back to your site and some really great prices and customer service, this exposure could give you rapid growth through that marketplace exposure. This is the number one reason why so many merchants sell on marketplaces.

Marketplaces Are Huge with Affiliate Marketers

Not only can you list your own merchandise on Amazon, for example, but you could open your business up to affiliate marketing. Many of these will also write buying guides like those you see on the Consumer Charts websites that will review and rank your products. Now you not only have your own store selling your products on each of those marketplaces, but you have an affiliate network doing the same thing.

Yes, this all goes back to exposure but in a different way. Not only are you reaching millions of consumers on your own, but those affiliates are reaching countless others as well! Your growth potential is exponential because of this and if you want to create brand awareness, affiliates are a key marketing technique to help you accomplish this much quicker than you ever dreamed possible.

Market Analysis Made Easy

Another wonderful benefit of selling on marketplaces is the way in which a larger audience gives you a better way to analyze your market. One of the key factors of marketing is being able to capture and analyze your market and if you find that your products aren’t selling, even with millions of views monthly, you have a starting point to begin looking at what is going wrong.

The proof is always in the numbers. As you reach a larger audience, you can begin analyzing consumer trends. If it sounds like everything relates to increased exposure, you are probably correct. From discerning if your pricing structure is adequate to whether or not your products are in demand, the greater number of people your reach can help you track consumer trends. Are you looking to grow your business? Marketplaces give you one of the best opportunities to do just that. Of all the benefits, growth potential is the greatest!

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