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What are the attractions of playing at social casinos?

Posted: May 28, 2022 at 11:50 am / by / comments (0)

The rise of online casinos has been pretty much unabated since the first examples were launched more than two decades ago, although they didn’t come to America until much more recently. And while your involvement with such sites may come down in large part to the laws on online betting in your state, such laws may not affect your enjoyment if you were to become part of the new wave of casino players – those who get their game on at social casinos.

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If you enjoy casino gaming for the “game” aspect, then a look at will show you that there are plenty of games that you can enjoy. By adding a social aspect to this kind of gaming, this new line of casinos is making them accessible to people who enjoy the buzz of social media, but would rather have something to build it around rather than just chasing retweets or checking up on old school friends to see what they’re doing today. Below, we’ll look into why social casinos have become such a key part of the burgeoning online casino industry,

They’re a good way to practice before playing at “for money” casinos

If you live somewhere with legal online betting, then the online casino field offers you plenty of chances to play games ranging from roulette to poker, through a bunch of other games such as bingo, blackjack and baccarat (as well as some that start with a letter other than “B”). However, there is always a learning curve to playing online casino games, and it’s good to get that out of the way without any consequences. Practising at social casinos gives you a supportive environment in which to give those popular casino games a try.

They’re a good way to meet like-minded people

If you enjoy playing poker and blackjack among other games, and would like to spend some of your online time chatting with friends, family and like-minded strangers, then social casinos offer a way to do this. Many companies and social groups already hold casino nights, in which the fun of the games is the whole point of the evening, and separate from the risk that comes with real-money casinos. Taking it online is the next step – a fun way to pass time while chatting with your nearest and dearest as well as meeting new people.

They’re legal wherever you areThe USA has passed legislation allowing states to decide whether or not they will allow online gambling, but this does not mean that all states have legal online casinos. Some states allow sports betting but not casino gaming. Some states allow residents to play at casinos located outside the state, but don’t have casinos of their own. With social casinos, the whole point is that it’s not gambling – so that risk isn’t there and neither is the legal debate. So from Alaska to West Virginia, you’ve got the option to enjoy casino games in your own home.

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