Wedding Themes: Top Ideas for the New Year

A wedding means a beautiful venue, presence of family and friends, sacred vows, and a theme that delights every heart in the premises. Your wedding theme is an extension of your personality (both the bride and groom) and a picture of your love put together in the form of décor and comfort. 

Over the years, weddings have gone from traditional to fashionable. They have taken place everywhere from a chapel to a barn. So, when it comes to newness, there is hardly anything that has not been already tried and enjoyed. But that’s good because you do not have to risk a new idea on your D-Day. Some couples have tried new things, and you can learn from their experience.

Following is a list of wedding themes that are vogue right now and will stay so in the coming year as well. All the ideas in this list are fantastic on their own, and you can enhance their charm by adding a few twists to them or combining them with a secondary theme. 

Rustic Theme

Getting married in a barn, on a farm, or in an old building has become a very popular theme for modern couples. The rustic theme gives them the feeling of getting lost in nature or time while providing a relaxed set up for fun get together with loved ones. 

The rustic theme involves the use of colors like brown and green and natural décor items like vines, stones, and tree trunks. You can add funk to this earthly décor with poppy lighting ideas, glitter décor for trees, and eye-catching accessories like shiny name cards on the table and a dance floor setup shadowed by a canopy of trees. 


A romantic theme can be inspired by the traditional idea, fairytale, or can even come from a movie. The point of this theme is to celebrate the love of the couple using small and big details like fairy lighting, use of colors like pink and lilac, and traditional elements like the first dance.

If you want a romantic theme for your wedding and plan to spend your whole day gushing about one another, start by deciding how romantic you want it to be. Romance can go from subtle little arrangements like your favorite song in the background to way over the top with your pictures everywhere and your story on a slideshow. 

You can combine the romantic theme with little modern ideas like a selfie point, a light arrangement that sparkles the venue, and out-of-the-box return gift ideas for the guests.

Classic White Wedding

Yes, a classic white wedding is back in vogue. More and more couples are now asking for an all-white theme for their grand day. You can also try this elegant theme that is steeped in tradition. A white theme quickly looks very classy and romantic and will give you a lot of scope to play with your décor. Make sure to look around for the best white chair covers for weddings together with the perfect table setting accents to emphasize the elegance of your special day.

You can have a white wedding at a church, at a reception venue and even in a garden. You add one more color like pink, maroon, red, or purple to the theme to add a twist to the underlying white theme. An extra color will bring the much-needed pop to the setup and will change the whole vibe without any extra efforts.

Bohemian Theme

The bohemian theme is another old style that is back in the trend. It can be a big hit for you if you and your partner know how to carry out boho dresses and if you can pull out a perfect boho set up. Imagine you standing bare feet under the canopy, in a forest or a beach and your bride walking towards you, bare feet with beautiful flowers in her hand and her hair. Awesome right?

Boho chic can be your wedding theme if you want your wedding to be a simple affair with the focus on your love and the importance of loved ones present at the venue. Add extra warmth to your wedding day with handmade placards, handpicked custom gifts for the guests, and a simple yet warm décor filled with memories, little souvenirs, and all things natural. 

Vineyard Theme

Vineyard weddings are similar to outdoor or rustic weddings. In this setup, the venue is a vineyard, rest you can plan and decide everything from your décor to the color of your cake based on what you want. You can convert your vineyard wedding into a romantic affair by going for colors like pink and purple and romantic songs, or you can give it a boho vibe with earthy tones and décor items.

 A vineyard wedding presents a great opportunity wherein you can treat your guests to a variety of wines along with delicious fresh food cooked, right under the open sky. 

A wedding theme is what will set the mood for one of the most memorable days of your life. Take your time to decide a theme, of course, you both have to love it and then plan everything else around it. If you both love two different themes, check out with a designer if you can mix and match to create a new mesmerizing idea. If in New South Wales Australia, you can consider some of the best Mudgee vineyards, some of the best vineyards to visit.

The Venue at Friendship Springs offers a variety of venue options based on your choice of theme. Come to us to make your wedding a grand celebration of your love. Enjoy your day, as we take care of your every little desire and make it a wedding to be remembered. 

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