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Web Design and UI Trends for 2019 from a Top Website Designer

Posted: March 11, 2019 at 7:54 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

When it comes to web design and UI design (UI stands for user interface) there are so many options available, but what is important is that certain things are more popular now more than ever. When it comes to web design and UI trends for 2019, there are many things becoming more standard than there have been literally in any other previous year, and the results of what is growing on the market may actually surprise you. In the past, it was typical for businesses to have boring color schemes, plain and standardized documents and content, and now it’s not the case. With the mobile movement, many people more and more are realizing all of the awesome ways to make their websites more and more responsive, as well as user friendly and eye-catching. So, without further ado, let’s see what some of these new trends are that Forge Web Design gave us!

Bright Colors Stand Out

As mentioned earlier, in the old days of the internet, many businesses created websites which were standard with numerous pages and had bland colors to distinguish them from personal sites. Today, using bright color schemes has become very popular and helps keep the content readers wanting to see more, because people are appreciating the artistic value of websites more than they used to. Gradient backgrounds are being used more in pages, buttons, and everything else to make things look more stylish and stand out above the ordinary.

Getting in “Touch” with Users

When it comes to websites, they have now evolved to be more relatable to their target market’s needs. Instead of using basic propaganda techniques, they have made sure that their content is something that their customers and users can actually feel or agree with them on, and when they have this emotional connection, a user will more than likely continue to read on and even come back more or recommend their site. It also ensures that they have more content-relatable material to what they’re actually offering.

Virtual Reality

This market has been in the background works for many years, and while it’s nothing new, it’s gaining more and more popularity in certain markets more than ever. By offering more realistic environments for the user to navigate to (this applies to mobile devices too), companies have been creating realistic design elements that are more enjoyable and operate smoothly to a user. There are websites that have been created where each “content page” was on a separate side of the cube, and a user can tap the screen to zoom it in. For the ultimate responsiveness, things like animation and virtual reality have become very popular.

Minimal and Sleek

Globalgraphics, a website design company in Toronto reveals that these websites have evolved to have a popular twist when it comes to design, but by utilizing sleek and more in-depth content and visuals, while maintaining a clean layout, users have been praising websites more and more with a minimal template. Why? Because these sites are so easy to navigate and still contain all the content of the above design elements that make the site a great experience for the user and consumer.

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