We need specialists, but the future belongs to generalists

Nadine Blochberger a Creative Mentor, Holistic Advisor, Artist & upcycling Designer at imagimo who empowers the individual spirit identify their unique self to allow greater creativity & correct decisions in life joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Nadine Blochberger discuss the following:

  1. How should we deal with the many challenges facing our local & global economy?
  2. What should our strategy be before the economy and capitalism as we know it today collapses? 
  3. Who are the people that move and lead this transformation forward?
  4. Does a single opinion count and is anyone interested in what we have to say? What can each of us individually do?
  5. How can we unite our individuality without losing our diversity?
  6. How can a holistic economy look like? Can you give an example?

Nadine Blochberger is a visionary and pragmatic idealist. Someone who inspires people to be and think differently, to discover our individual uniqueness and spark our imagination to experience magic moments in a vastly digital age. A direction giver to guide us to find our golden path in life.

With her often-unusual take on things, she trusts in anyone who meets her, and her art, that you are engaged and touched. For better or for worse, that’s up to you – as you find yourself in a moment of reflection. She can be the signpost to open up the greater possibilities of what life can be for you. If her heart inspired work did not provoke thought, genuine shifts in consciousness, and caress the soul, she wouldn’t be fulfilling her life purpose as intended.

She is an in the moment responsive, adaptive, creative Mentor & holistic Advisor with sensory capacity. Her clients achieve lasting inner transformations, impact and personal freedom. With a focus on elevating creativity, human connected communications & conscious leadership culture for those who are ready to challenge the status quo and embrace change.

By understanding of how human beings work and through the Science and Art of Mentoring & Coaching, she is using a highly reflected approach. Topped with a holistic toolbox of systems, strategies and methods fused with the conscious diversity of the Arts…and a secret ingredient. She has the ability to empower the individual spirit and reawakens your own creativity and inner artist. Therefore, you can live in an effortless connection within your business & private relationships and unity with life itself. 

Nadine is someone who lives and breathes in the depths of creative waters. An Artist who is being and losing herself in the flow through a combination of writing, painting, music, dance, design & nature. If not actively creating, you find her in the sensual surrender to the sacred waters of the ocean, the river, the lake – or the bathtub.

She finds grounding and sublime virtue in a strong enthusiasm for a healthy fit lifestyle, philanthropy, environmentalism, and a passionate cosmopolitan heart. In a juxtaposition paired with feeling comfort and a sense of belonging in avantgarde philosophical, scientific, and spiritual paradoxes. The mysterious to touch evocative stimuli – a synthesis of contrast and contradiction. Which let her come closer to the truth of totality and solve life’s enigmas. In these realms, Nadine’s spirit gets courageously bold, confidently soft, and tempting fiery.

From her perspective though, Art is not just limited to the beauty of design, music, and painting. Art can be anything. It also impacts how we create a business and lead our employees, how we nurture our relationships and live our values. To see and feel the magic around and tapping into our inner dignity uniquely within each of us. Just then, she strongly believes, we really understand the meaning of the effervescent connection to everyone and everything else in and off this world and can truly live it. Attached to nothing, connected to everything.

It is the Art of Life itself.

Website: www.imagimo.me

Social Media Links:
Instagram: instagram.com/imagimo
Facebook: facebook.com/imagimo.me 

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