Ways That Digital Technology is Changing the World

We are already living in a digital age and have been since the 1980s and with each decade comes radical new technology that empowers the user. The pace of IT development is scary, as components become faster and smaller and the rollout of 5G brings 10x data transfer speeds, which will power the revolutionary “Internet of Things’ or IoT as it is known. 

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What is the Internet of Things?

This is a platform dedicated to all digital devices, which will be controlled by AI, which means you can control the appliances at home from a smartphone app. Turn on the heating as you leave the office and start to cook the joint of meat that’s sitting in the oven and as you approach your driveway, the electric gates will automatically open. Electric, driverless cars are already seen on our roads and this is the future of transportation, and with every vehicle under the control of AI, there won’t be any accidents, as least that’s the theory, whether it turns out to be true remains to be seen.

Touch Screen Technology

Of course, we all have a touch-screen smartphone and when out and about in the city, you can expect to see this technology, as old mechanical equipment is replaced with digital touch-screen signage. This complex technical equipment would be installed and maintained by a company like Rhenus High Tech, a leading UK white glove logistics provider. Museums now incorporate touch screen technology; visitors can learn about specific exhibits by interacting with a large screen, with many options that reveal hi-res images, text and even video clips.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP technology enables audio and video to be transmitted via the Internet and this has dramatically changed the way people do business, especially during the pandemic. Business sectors that benefit from VoIP applications include:

  • Healthcare – Doctors, physiotherapists and counsellors all use video meetings to deliver their services and the emerging ‘telehealth’ sector plays an important role is dealing with the Covid crisis. The rising suicide numbers caused by the pandemic means that many mental health counsellors are now offering their services via a Zoom call, so if you are feeling stressed out for any reason, there are online counsellors.
  • Legal Services – Whether you want to get divorced or set up a business, you can have a remotely located lawyer handle everything on your behalf. No need to visit their offices, as most offer virtual legal services, which is very convenient.
  • Office Workers – Many office workers have been working from home since the pandemic started back in 2019 and they have a short Zoom meeting with the boss in the morning and send their assignments to the office via email.

Artificial Intelligence

This will be a game-changer in so many ways and machine learning is already a booming sector, with many industries investing heavily in this new technology. AI has the potential to transform the way we live and will eventually manage the Internet of Things, while in the medical sector, AI performs delicate brain surgery and can already diagnose cancer from X-Rays more accurately than any human. Here is an informative article with the impact of social media on plastic surgery practices, which you might find useful.

Digital Currency & Blockchain Technology

There are quite a few cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the leader and this is the future of money and financial transactions, which uses an open-ledger online network that is decentralised. Bitcoin runs on blockchain technology and is designed in such a way that it cannot be hacked; the only way to make changes is to add more blocks to the chain. You can send any amount of money, even as low as 1 cent, which becomes a fraction of a Bitcoin and already, retailers around the world are embracing Bitcoin, accepting it as payment for their goods and services. 

Bitcoin Benefits

There are many benefits using Bitcoin to transfer money; all transactions are anonymous, instant and there is no bank or credit card company to take a commission; banks do not like Bitcoin for that very reason and have made attempts to regulate the currency, but to no avail. There are those who would say these lending institutions have had it too good for too long and for the first time, people can manage their own finances with using a bank. There’s nothing to stop you from downloading the Bitcoin wallet software and purchasing some Bitcoin and with a little practice, you can manage your account. Bitcoin is more than just a digital currency unit, it is also a payment system that is not governed or regulated by any party and it puts you in charge of your wealth like never before.

Blockchain Technology

Your government will create blockchains containing citizen data, such as your name, date of birth, educational record and professional qualifications, while intellectual property ownership will also be on a blockchain. This means it will no longer be possible to pretend to be someone you are not; all land ownership will be recorded using this platform and no one can steal your identity, which means we can say goodbye to the confidence trickster and other criminal elements.

Data Storage & Facial Recognition

Google have been storing all our data since day one; every email you’ve ever sent, all your web browsing history and what you like to buy online. Facial recognition software is already being used in Chinese cities; many people see this is an invasion of privacy, as big brother knows where you are all the time and whether western governments will try to introduce this in all towns and cities remains to be seen. Major airports, train and bus stations and other busy public places are already testing out face recognition software, which is always being developed and can be used in a number of beneficial ways.

You might ask yourself, ‘when will digital development end?’ and the truth is no one knows for sure, but you can expect your children’s kids to use drones for getting around and if they want to read a book, they’ll have to visit a museum!

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