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Ways a Facebook Business Page Can Support Your Startup Company 

Posted: July 25, 2016 at 1:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Facebook is home to millions of business pages that are helping their companies find new customers and connect with those already loyal to their brand. If you have recently launched a startup company and need a way to make your brand visible online, creating a Facebook business page can be a gateway to finding potential customers, generating buzz about your products, and boosting your site ranking on Google. In fact, if ranking high in Google results is a high priority for you, then it is especially important to understand the possible advantages of creating a business page on Facebook.

1.     Google Algorithm Changes May Boost Mobile Sites

Google recently announced that it will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly sites. As the owner of a startup company, this could be a boon to you. Facebook is one of the most accessible sites online for mobile users, with multiple options for staying signed in and with a number of apps that make it easier than ever to use the site when customers are on the go.

Creating a business page on Facebook can make it highly accessible to those who are browsing the site on their smartphone or tablet, and since mobile-friendly sites may soon see a lift in Google rankings, this can provide your business with a great deal of visibility when compared to a site that must be accessed with a browser app and takes a long time to load, eating up precious data in the meantime.

2.     Today’s Customers Prefer Mobile-Friendly Sites

When you create a business page on Facebook, it can offer your customers instant access to your company’s information when they are on the go. This is especially convenient if you have a local brick-and-mortar location that customers can locate using their smartphones. Consumers are much more likely to choose a site that opens faster, that can run directly off a site app, and that they can view with ease on their mobile devices. The more people who connect to your business page through Facebook while they’re on the go, the higher your rankings can become.

Startup companies that offer a variety of products, such as Hamptoncreek, often use a Facebook business page to let prospective customers know what is included in its product line and where those items are available. You can employ this technique with your own business and possibly increase sales by letting your customers know where they can buy your products while they are on the go.

3.     App Results Are Becoming Relevant

Creating a Facebook business page might enable you to promote any app you create for your startup, which is especially important if you are trying to raise your ranking on Google. The search engine company recently announced that it will begin to include app results for users who are signed into Facebook, which means you may gain more customers through app promotion and also see a rise in rank from it as well.

App results that come from a Facebook business site can also help raise your rankings because many users stay signed into Facebook for most of the day. When you build a business page on Facebook and those who are already signed into the site search for a business like yours, your site is likely to rank higher than one that is not Facebook based. This may give you an edge over sites that can only be accessed with a browser app, and over time, the increased visibility may continue to boost your ranking.

4.     Facebook Is Everywhere

Facebook has grown from a social networking site to one that has relevance all over the web, allowing users to sign into multiple sites from their accounts. The site can be accessed instantly from almost anywhere and because of its mobile capability, creating a Facebook business site can help any small business owner increase their rankings and company visibility. Multi-million dollar companies take the time to include their presence on Facebook, and while growing a customer base and a network of other entrepreneurs like yourself may take time and effort, you may find it worthwhile.

Whether you only recently launched your startup or have been in business for some time but need a viable way of reaching a wider audience, launching a Facebook business page may be a viable solution. After you create your page, take the time to talk to those who contact you and ask for their input in order to make an engaging, user-friendly site that has the potential to grow your startup by leaps and bounds.

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