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Ursa Primozic, Communication Manager of Visionect makers of the Joan Meeting Room Assistant (Joan), the most advanced digital door label and meeting room scheduling solution joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Ursa Primozic discuss the following:

  • Tell us about Joan Meeting Room Assistant, and who can benefit from the product?
  • What are some of the important features that competitors may not have?
  • Recently Joan won a Red Dot Product Design Award. Why and how is that award helpful in the industry and what do you need to do to obtain the award?
  • What is the eventual vision of Joan and where do you see the app evolving from a feature standpoint?
  • When it comes to productivity, what do you see as some of the challenges people have in today’s workforce?
  • With remote offices and the workforce having meetings or conferences in various locations or countries how does Joan aide in bringing everyone together?
  • What is your advice to entrepreneurs who are looking to brand a successful product?

Ursa Primozic is the Communication Manager at Visionect, makers of the Joan Meeting Room Assistant (Joan). She is directly responsible for creating the content for the company that includes promotional materials, news articles, case studies, news releases, social media and anything related to the public persona of the company.

Joan Meeting Assistant

Joan Meeting Room Assistant (Joan) from Visionect is the most advanced digital door label and meeting room scheduling solution. It resolves hectic meetings seamlessly, connects to existing calendars and infrastructure, has no buttons, and is the only true plug and play solution on the market. Joan lasts up to three months on a single battery charge, leaving a lighter environmental footprint.

Joan Meeting Room Assistant


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