Want to Build Your Brand: 5 Reasons to Invest in Photography?

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In recent years, technology has caused a shift in the way companies market their products and build brands. More than ever before, customers are seeking for an intimate experience with brands through photo and video marketing. In fact, statistics show that articles that have visual images get more views by up to 94% compared to those that do not have. 

The truth is, consumers are increasingly shopping with their eyes, particularly on social media with posts that feature visuals getting 40 times more shares than text-only posts. With influencer marketing on the rise, customers are increasing running their decisions through their networks for verification. As the shopping mall frenzy declines, the next frontier of building brands is visual marketing. An important aspect of this form of marketing is the use of concise, sharp photos. YouTube and Instagram are proving to be powerful platforms for photographic content. 

A Commercial Photographer Brisbane can help you take photos that tell your audience what your brand is about. If you haven’t made photography part of your marketing strategy, here are five key reasons why you should: 

1. Photos enable you to connect with your customers

Customers purchase the products they see, not those they hear about. This means that your customers are likely to buy your products when they view their images, and better still when those images show product details from different angles. Great photos can go a long way in creating a story that impresses customers and causes them to make impulse purchase decisions, without debating their choice. When you pair text that contains important information that your customers need with relevant images, you are able to create a strong branding message that you wouldn’t do with text alone. 

2. Great photos are easy to share

The old saying that a picture can be worth 1000 words  true. This is why on social media, great photos tend to go viral as people find them easy to share. With a simple but classic shot, you can tell a whole story about your brand as photos have a way of showing your customers what your brand is able to offer without using words. In the modern world, the internet has provided an avenue for images to reach huge numbers of people within a very short time – an aspect that enables businesses to raise their brand awareness significantly and at very minimal costs. 

At the same time, photos make it easier for you to increase your engagement with customers. This explains why visuals – whether photos, videos, or infographics – gain so much traction on social media viral – their shareability makes them even more valuable. With the dynamic nature of algorithms and their ability to influence organic search, it is the sharp photos that are shared by customers that go a long way in increasing customer engagement. 

3. Your photos reflect your brand

Many times, the cost of hiring professional photography tempts business owners to use photos that they take themselves or to explore cheaper options that do not necessarily involve engaging professional photographers. As you consider your need for photos, it is important that you bear in mind that the photos you use reflect your brand. Using unprofessional, poor quality photos on your site sends a message about the quality of services or products that your business offers to prospective customers. The photos you post on your website or social media pages play a critical role in shaping your customer’s first impression, so pay attention to their quality according to Product Photography Toronto.

4. Photos make it easy for customers to find you online

Quality photos can be instrumental in driving traffic to your site and ultimately boosting your online sales. Posting photos on your website can help improve your site’s ranking on search engine optimization (SEO). One of the elements of SEO that helps optimize your website for better performance is the use of images. Optimizing photos causes your website to be found by search engines and ranked on Google Images, which drives traffic to your website. Photos can also engage your visitors and keep them on your website longer and encourage them to buy from you as opposed to buying from your competitors. 

5. Good photos are an asset for your business

If you are into digital marketing, you must have heard the cliche ‘content is king’. This phrase has been out there for some time now and it holds true. Content here does not just imply text – it includes all visuals including photos. The images you use in your content – irrespective of the format that content takes – are a versatile and powerful form of content. There are different ways you can use photos that makes them a huge asset for your business. 

While you can post them on your website to make more engaging, you can also post them on your social media pages – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others. If you have a legacy product on sale, consider investing in a good photoshoot then scatter the release of those photos over a period of time. You can also feature photos on articles, newsletters and blog posts – the list of possibilities is basically endless. 

Beyond posting photos online, you can use your images offline on promotional materials such as brochures. You may want to create a magazine editorial – that can make your photos timeless. With the vast opportunities to utilize photos, having a budget for professional photographer provides your business with new and useful ammunition to improve your marketing efforts all the time. 

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