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WanderLuxxe, a luxury experience brand

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Marti Hines, Co-Founder of Wanderluxxe and Co-founder of D Pique Productions joins Enterprise Radio. D Pique Productions just recently finished their first feature, Die (Dee) Expats, which was shot in Berlin and was Hines directorial debut.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Marti Hines discuss the following:

  • Tell us about your background with Marti Hines events, and why you wanted to then found Wanderluxxe. What it is, why did you start it? When did it launch?
  • Wanderluxxe recently  launched a membership program? How does that work? How can one become a member?
  • Tell us about DPIC productions – why did you get involved in that line of work simultaneously and how has that experience been? Tell us about your film?
  • What is a challenge you feel you face as an entrepreneur? And as a female in the film industry?
  • How do you manage all three of your companies?  Why do you like the diverse work space you have created for yourself?

Marti Hines began her career as an event producer, working in Chicago with Hyatt Hotels, Washington DC with the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center,  Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, AFI Fest and Sir Sidney Poitier’s 90th Birthday Tribute, among others. She is co-founder of the luxury concierge service Wanderluxxe which specializes in film festival activations, events and all access to premieres, screenings, travel, festival related event and more. Her innovative concepts, attention to detail, and ability to bring your ideas to life are unparalleled. Over the past decade Marti Hines has positioned herself has a standout independent event producer for filmmakers, celebrities, and politicians. Her transition to film producing and directing has been a seamless one. Her first producer role with the short film Stages premiered at the 2015 Palm Springs Film Festival to rave reviews. The relationships that she has cultivated throughout her career continue to grow stronger has she takes on each exciting new venture.

She is Co-Founder of the female owned production company D Pique Productions, which just recently finished their first feature, Die (Dee) Expats, which they shot on location in Berlin and was Hines directorial debut. The film focuses on women empowerment and the journey of a displaced expat couple in Berlin. Both Marti and her partner Jasmin Greene produced the film, a passion project of the two which is currently being shopped to networks and submitted to film festivals.


Instagram: @MartiHines | @wanderluxxemembers

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