Pam Christie

Virtual teams can benefit entrepreneurs and businesses with Pamela Christie of DemGen

Pam Christie

Pamela Christie, Chief Empowerment & Operations Officer at DemGen Inc, a company that provides a full suite of business development and support services, through a team of experts collaborating virtually joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Pamela Christie discuss the following:

  • How does working with a virtual team benefit entrepreneurs and businesses?
  • What are the primary services provided by DemGen’s virtual team?
  • If you wouldn’t mind sharing, what are some of your client’s success stories?
  • How can business owners determine what and where to start delegating?
  • What results can businesses expect to see from working with a virtual team?

Duration: 9:20

Pam Christie co-founded DemGen Inc. in 2005, after realizing what businesses needed to succeed based on her own entrepreneurial experience.  DemGen is a virtual team of experts offering business development, strategy and support services to help businesses increase results and revenues to achieve their goals.  As Chief Empowerment and Operations Officer, Pam has a finger on the pulse of business and is the master at finding the best resources, team members and tools to utilize, both internally, and to support clients.

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